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2017 Orange War, We are in war

2017 Orange War, We are in war


August 21, 2017,Anhui sinograce Chemical Co., Ltd held an event launching ceremony of “2017 Orange War” in Hefei Big Shu mountain. The purpose of this activity is not only to thank each employee through thick and thin with the company in the first half of 2017 and their hard to pay, but also providing a stage for the staff to full show themselves.

Increase interaction in activities, promote communication and cooperation among employees in various departments, strengthen team cohesion and combat effectiveness, and infinite vitality for the future development of the company. We grew up with sinograce.

The event, all members are divided into eight squad, the next one month of the orange war, each team will focus on teamwork, orange war sales performance, team style and other projects Competition. Look forward to the wonderful performance of each team!

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