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About the characteristics of the water spray adhesive water-based glue

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-05
What is a water-based glue? Water-based glue is refers to a kind of special manufacture process of water soluble products, non-toxic tasteless pollution-free, zero VOC, can be sprayed. Water-based glue on market at present a lot of more phyletic, both in product publicity as green environmental protection, non-toxic, harmless, but is it really the case? Through various products, and comparison with a spray adhesive water spray adhesive would be able to reach the above points, most of the company's products in environmental protection. However, in comparison of all products, we found that the water spray adhesive in both environmental and products on the adhesive properties are better than other companies. This is why? Today we have to get to know, why can have such a high water-based glue advantage: water-based glue, in addition to specific water-based glue basic performance, also has the advantage of its own characteristics: environmental protection: the index of green environmental protection, tasteless, no solvent, zero VOC; Temperature: more than 70 ℃ heat, ultraviolet resistance, oxidation resistance, no pulverization; On the adhesiveness: resistant plasticizer, seepage control oil, super viscous force, provincial glue. Due to water-based glue to ordinary water spray adhesive market more environmental protection and safety, therefore, industry used more extensive. Use water-based glue at present cooperation mainly includes: sofas, mattresses, bags, screen, pillow and soft furniture ( Cloth leather, sponge, foam, PU leather) And other industries.
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