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Adhesive industry policy analysis

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-16
1, the more and more investment of some major science and technology development projects & other; Five-year & throughout; Period, state and local governments increase adhesives and adhesive tapes for a number of major scientific research projects of investment, policy and financial support and help, to obtain the important scientific research achievements and make a significant contribution to the science and technology reward. Adhesive industry association will also consider and establishing scientific and technological innovation award fund, of adhesives and adhesive tape industry make a significant contribution to the part of the unit and the outstanding scientific and technological personnel give great honor and appropriate incentives. 2, on part of the solvent adhesive production license management in order to promote the development of environment friendly adhesives, I effectively of the excessive growth of solvent adhesive, suggested the solvent neoprene adhesive industry association ( Including shoes with rubber) , SBS resin adhesive, polyurethane shoe adhesive solvent content such as high adhesive products gradually implement production license management, and improve the barriers to entry, will limit the scale of production in the annual output over 5000 tons, environmental security complete enterprise can only be allowed to start production. 3, further give play to the role of industry association, to strengthen the guidance of industry and enterprise association will be held in the industries and enterprises on the basis of a thorough investigation into understanding, according to the national industrial policy and development trend, actively guide enterprise to grasp the product development direction, report to the whole industry to release early warning, overcapacity, unfavorable to the development of the products is put forward. By hosting technology and information exchange, exchange platform, professional seminars and exhibitions at home and abroad provide enterprises with product development and market information, make the enterprise timely understanding of product development situation at home and abroad, grasping the direction of product development, timely adjustment of product structure. 4, product standards and make the revision should be dominated by industry association and the management, industry association should play a bigger role, especially the industry standard should be in line with international standards, product standardization part administrative authority should be delegated to industry associations. 5, standardization of adhesives market order adhesive industry association will promote the building of industry integrity and business ethics, strengthening industry self-discipline. At the same time, I will actively called for national and local administrative organs strengthen market supervision, determined to crack down on fake and inferior products, efforts to protect intellectual property rights of enterprises and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
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