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Affect the cartons waterproof light oil luster factors have?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-15
Carton is environmental protection non-toxic waterproof light oil products, it is the main solvent water and alcohol, the volatiles without harm to the environment. Is in recent years, along with the people environmental protection calls for rising gradually developed, such as gloss oil quality is bad or improper operation, surface finishing, glossiness cannot achieve the ideal effect, etc. Light oil coating process is essentially glazing oil in the process of print high-class flat and dry. There are many factors that can influence the cartons waterproof light oil gloss, mainly discussed here is glazing oil performance impact on gloss. Own factors affecting cartons waterproof light oil gloss including resin with polymer monomer, water soluble resin and emulsion of blend ratio, light oil flow property and surface tension, viscosity, ph value, etc. 1, the influence of polymer monomer of gloss different properties of polymer monomer, glossiness of waterproof cartons are made of light oil and other performance has very important influence, so choose the appropriate polymer monomer is to improve the waterborne glazing oil gloss important one annulus. In be used actually often use a variety of monomer for copolymerization, selects the monomer as well as a host of join has improve gloss additives, and to take into account other performance monomer to improve gloss oil use. 2, water soluble resin and emulsion had mentioned in front of the mixing proportion, mixing proportion of water soluble resin and emulsion has a great influence on the carton waterproof light oil gloss. Increase the dosage of the emulsion can improve the gloss, but the light oil, processing eligibility flowing property; Although increase the dosage of water soluble resin, can improve the light oil flow leveling and processing eligibility, but its glossiness is reduced. Preparation, the ratio can refer to the previous formula. 3, the impact on the gloss polished cartons waterproof light oil is flowing property of another important factor that affect the gloss of the it by light oil viscosity, ph value and the influence of surface tension. If glazing oil has good flow property, can flow quickly before the coating is dry flat, form a smooth surface, the coating will have high gloss; If glazing oil cannot flow flat before in dry, leave some streaks, sand holes, etc. , reduce its luster. The key factors influencing the flow property is the flow of light oil in the process of flow flat flat viscosity and the drying speed. If flow leveling viscosity can remain low, and in a smaller initial change rate of the coating can be faster flow smooth. Flow leveling viscosity and water-borne light oil viscosity, ph value, thixotropy and be concerned by the absorptivity of coating. Drying speed also affects the flow property, if the speed is small, the rate of change of flow leveling viscosity is small, giving flow flat time also is bigger, can fully flow smooth. 4, the influence of the viscosity of glossiness cartons waterproof light oil viscosity on the flow in the process of coating, wet coating such as eligibility have very important influence. This is because the printing surface glazing oil has certain absorbent, and the printing surface glazing oil absorption is proportional with glazing oil viscosity. If glazing oil viscosity value is too small, in the paper coating for the high absorption rate, lead to flow flat gloss oil viscosity in the process of change is too big, in the initial stage, its viscosity can be meet the requirements of flow flat, but in the later stage, glazing oil viscosity increased obviously, is hard to meet the flow requirements, flow flat end prematurely as a result, lead to print uneven surface coating, some local owe glazing oil and affect the film after drying and calender smoothness, glossiness. Printed coated if the absorption rate is low, the viscosity is too low, and can produce flow phenomenon, bad results in uneven coating, drying, etc. If the viscosity is too high, can't meet the requirements of flow flat flow caused by an early end to flat, gloss variation. 5, the influence of ph value of gloss cartons waterproof light oil ph is primarily by ammonia to adjust, general ph should be controlled between 8 ~ 9. If the ph is too too high alkaline, light oil viscosity will reduce, influence the gloss, at the same time make the slow drying, water resistance variation; When the ph is too low, alkali is too weak, higher viscosity, slow ammonia volatilization in the process of flow flat, make flow flat end too quickly and glossiness. 6, the influence of the surface tension of the cartons waterproof light oil glazing oil is not only the surface tension of the glossiness and is an important factor affecting the quality of glazing oil as a whole. Because coating glazing oil is usually implemented in the field or ink film, and their surface free energy is usually small, the size of the surface tension value of polish oil wetting, adhesion and penetration of the same print effect difference is very big, film-forming effect after light coating and pressure difference is very big also. If the value is small, the surface tension of the glazing oil glazing oil easily wet the surface of printed matter, and under the action of surface tension, easy flow pp. 47-53 smooth and homogeneous membrane surface; If value is bigger, the surface tension of the glazing oil wetting is difficult for the printed ink film surface, it is not easy to form a uniform coating layer; When its value is greater than printed ink film surface tension value, the coated gloss oil after the coating will produce certain contraction, even in the presence of some local, the phenomenon such as sand holes. Well summarized in the above are the main factors affecting the cartons waterproof light oil, in carton waterproof light oil preparation, must be comprehensive consideration of various factors, strictly control the various conditions, in order to obtain has the high quality carton waterproof light oil.
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