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After mold vacuum plating titanium processing more durable

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-09
Vacuum plating titanium processing factory said: in the mould is the emperor of metal processing industry. And the warp and woof of mould vacuum plating titanium processing and mould industry. But even if the new mold material is still difficult to satisfied mold processing of titanium coating of high comprehensive functional requirements. The appearance of plating titanium processing engineering is embodied in the materials science and engineering category more lively, more agile branch. Mold processing of titanium coating with comprehensive disciplines, the diversity of the technique, a wide range of functional and potential of the opposite sex, environment protective, strong practicability and endless synergistic, from all walks of life pay attention to. Surface engineering skills in the use of mould making category, to a great extent, make up for the lack of mould materials. Engineering skills can be used to make mould appearance is very broad, contains both the appearance of traditional quenching skills, thermal expansion of permeability, surfacing welding skills and mold processing of titanium coating, and agile started nearly 20 years of laser surface strengthening skills, physical vapor phase accumulation ( 周围性血管疾病) , chemical gas phase accumulation skills ( CVC) , ion implantation, thermal spraying, thermal spray welding skills, composite PVD vacuum plating, composite brush plating and electroless plating skills, etc. Progress and nano rare earths appearance engineering skills and appearance engineering skills take will further promote the mould making appearance engineering skills, like the merits of the physical function of gas accumulation layer and membrane is closely related to the intrusive contact matrix strength, the rare earth elements to improve the film and substrate contact strength, the coating appearance density significantly increased. At the same time, to participate in the rare earth elements can make film wear-resisting function has also been significantly improved, such as used in the mold cavity appearance of superhard TiN film ( In rare earth element) , vacuum plating titanium processing type mould appearance brings out the high hardness, low friction coefficient and good chemical stability, improve the service life of the mold
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