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Amazon for custom packaging, the cardboard boxes are water-based ink save cost 30%

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-05
Luke carton water-based ink manufacturer a lot of our staff is a faithful user of amazon, often receive & other; The excessive packaging & throughout; Package, some netizens pointed out that in the amazon to buy a small key ring is placed in a big carton, stuffed with air cushion looks like amazon repeats the delivery box. In our daily life, in addition to the amazon also often occur when the external shopping platform to buy other items packing than items several times, before some netizens to spit worse amazon, will a lipstick put inside a computer the size of the packing box, packing in a few meters long with a book paper. Luke carton water-based ink manufacturers know that amazon's chosen package express box system has much to do, the system will search the supplier's goods size and data, the automatic selection boxes. The selected way leading to manufacture with more cardboard carton packaging, printing ink dosage too much, so the production cost is high. Amazon realized that the problem has already started to improve, now begin using a new kind of machine, this machine can be on the production line to produce to match the size of the carton, it will first will be cutting, bending, and at the same time use cardboard cartons good water-based ink printing, made a number of semi-finished products of carton, then through artificial set on goods, also can greatly improve & other; The excessive packaging & throughout; The problem of the new machine to help them reduce as much as 40% of the costs of production. Luke carton water-based ink manufacturer specialized research and development production of environmentally friendly water-based ink, water-based light oil products, such as the production of carton water-based ink colorful, high gloss, good abrasion resistance and printing eligibility, anti-corrosion mechanical roller, has the advantages of environmental protection non-toxic, not volatilize harmful gas, do not damage the printing worker health, polluting the environment, the printing effect to a great increase product aesthetic appearance, provide product level, save 30% of the printing cost.
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