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Amino silicone modified waterborne polyurethane

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-07
One, the introduction of amino silicone organic silicon, organic silicon compound, its molecular structure containing Si - O key. This chemical has a high bonding energy, bond length and bond Angle is generally greater than other materials. Because the unique structure of organic silicon, which makes it have many advantages, such as thermal stability and good resistance to water, high temperature resistant ability, etc. In view of the organic silicon has good hydrophobic and mechanical properties, are commonly used to modified polyurethane, shortcomings and so on to make up for the poor water and soft strength. Commonly used for modifying agent of organic silicon with amino silicone and hydroxyl silicone. Amino silicone refers to polysiloxane containing ammonia hydroxyl, amino modified silicone can be used for making. Second, amino silicone modified amino silicone ( Amino silicone oil) There are two kinds of methods, modified waterborne polyurethane physical blend and chemical copolymerization method. Blending method to amino silicone oil and water-based polyurethane physical mixture by certain proportion. This method is simple, but because of the characteristic of the silicone oil is easy to migrate, resulted from silicon are short. In addition, it is reported that when the modified waterborne polyurethane with blending method, when the mass fraction of amino silicone oil below 10%, the modified composite mechanical properties after the emulsion film increase to a certain extent, however if you add the amino silicone content exceeds 10%, coating performance will decline. ), in PU copolymerization principle is in the process of adding amino silicone oil to the system, the final product through addition reaction, the block copolymer. Amino silicone oil usually used as a softening agent for fiber products, cotton products, etc. Amino silicone has many excellent properties, such as surface tension can be low, good thermal stability and resistance to water, such as introducing amino polysiloxane, common modified waterborne polyurethane. By solution blending method to add homemade amino silicone, waterborne polyurethane in different substrate film, and do to film adhesion and mechanical properties such as contact Angle, water absorption test, using scanning electron microscope observation of the modified amino silicone oil/WPU coating on the surface of the composite material; Using infrared spectrum analysis of the structure. The results showed that poly (amino silicone modified aqueous ammonia ester in adhesion, resistance to water have different degree of improvement.
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