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Anshan specialized food-grade plastic complaints

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-22
Anshan specialized food-grade plastic complaints anshan specialized food-grade plastic complaints gas is gas, volatile matter, it is a substance that is usually small molecules, so easy to turn into gas. Packing books with so, smell not a substance, but the process of interaction between material ( From baidu encyclopedia) 。 If only * with basic resin melt at certain temperatures have cohesive force, when the temperature drops, it will be difficult to wetting and penetration on paper, lose binding ability, cannot reach bonding effect; Adding tackifier can improve the liquidity of colloid and wettability of glued objects, improve the bonding performance, to achieve the required bond strength. Appearance white granular pale yellow flakes anshan specialized food-grade plastic complaints are its advantages: many varieties, environmental protection, low prices. Generally select paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax. Melting point ( ℃) 70 - 84, 65 - Anshan specialized food-grade plastic 78 complaints flavour is sensory perception, the equivalent of sensors, refers to the molecule in the senses ( Sensor) After the surface produce the quantity change ( Physical quantities can be electric, magnetic, optical, length or volume, ion flow, molecular flow, etc. ) Through to the CPU (the signals produced by, The brain) 。 Its role is to increase liquidity in colloid, solidification speed regulation, to achieve the purpose of strong rapid binding, hot melt adhesive for big and won't be able to or not easy flow, difficult to penetrate into the book, is not to be strong. The viscosity of 2500 - 3500, 5500 - Anshan specialized food-grade plastic 6500 complaints bouquet: odor gas + =. Synthetic wax ( PE or PP) , Buddha wax, etc. Smell is to point to the object itself or send out the flavor. Hardness is 78 - 82, 65 - 75 this kind of resin is the main components of the production of hot melt adhesive, the proportion of basic resin, quality determines the basic properties of the hot melt adhesive, ( Such as adhesive bonding ability, melting temperature and the cohesive strength) 18 - generally choose the VA content 33, refers to ( MI) 6 - 800, VA content is low, the higher the degree of crystallinity increase hardness, same case VA content, low crystallinity increase elasticity, EVA melt refers to the choice is very important also, investment refers to the smaller illiquid strength high melting temperature of the adhesive wetting and permeability is quite poor. Anshan specialized food-grade resin complaint hot melt glue collagen materials by the main body, viscous tree, thinner, or with the softening agent of oil, add ingredients, such as inherent smell smell of hot melt adhesive is an important raw material sources, such as most of the EVA is a little hint of acetic acid taste, and synthetic rubber also has its own smell, just different shades, viscosity resin in the resin viscosity resin has the smell of turpentine, and C9C5 resin have their different tastes, even the whole hydrogenation resin, also has its own smell, it's just our sense of smell may be aware not to come out and many other raw materials also smell, tints, only the intensity difference.
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