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Any brands for high end chemical products?
There are many chemical products manufacturers in the market, Anhui Sinograce Chemical Co., Ltd. is highly recommended by clients now. Processed by high-end raw materials and manufactured by highly advanced technology, the product should be of exquisite quality and longer service time.The company provides professional and considerate after-sales service, which can guarantee better reliability than other companies. You are free to contact our service team who are willing to answer your question at any time.

Sinograce is renowned for its capability in the good water based primer's production and R&D. The styrene acrylic copolymer series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The material of wetting agent allows turf wetting agents to make it turf wetting agents. It will not easily form a surface film or gloss. The product is highly resistant to rust. Its surface has been treated with an oxide protective layer to prevent from the damage of wet environments. This product is extremely resistant to low temperature.

Oriented by water based paint,Sinograce exclusively manages the business. Inquire now!
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