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Any further technical information about Sinograce?
Yes, we are willing to provide related technical information about Anhui Sinograce Chemical Co., Ltd. if requested. As for the basic information such as main materials, specifications, shapes, and main performance, you can easily find them on the product details displayed on our official website. Also, we have carefully-compiled technical documentation offered along with products. We can deliver it to you if you have the needs for it. Further technical information about what our products are made of and what properties they contain, please contact us.

Sinograce has gone far ahead of the industry in the domestic market. Our capacity in developing and producing Water-Based Emulsion For nylon Ink is outstanding. The wetting agent series is one of the main products of Sinograce. With a built-in filter system that is specially designed, this product generates very little radiation, including electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic wave. The density of this product is fairly constant throughout. Sinograce has super printing thickener production line and modernized management. This product has great freedom of movement.

We are committed to making all of our business and production activities comply with relevant legislative and regulatory environmental requirements. We make our wasted be discharged more legitimate and eco-friendly, and cut down resources wastes and consumptions.
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