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Application of two - component waterborne polyurethane

Application of two - component waterborne polyurethane


At present, two-component waterborne polyurethane has been widely used in leather, textile dyeing AIDS, adhesives, foam materials, coatings and other fields. With the continuous development of two-component waterborne polyurethane scientific research, it is gradually replacing solvent polyurethane as the medium to occupy the dominant position in the market.

One: leather

China's leather resources, production and export trade are among the world's leading.China's annual consumption of polyurethane synthetic leather paste is nearly 2.4 million tons. The solvent polyurethane used in the synthetic leather industry has caused serious environmental pollution, and the production process of water-based synthetic leather cleaning emerged as The Times require.At present in the leather industry, waterborne polyurethane is mainly used for leather finishing, leather filling, leather adhesive and so on.In synthetic leather, the dispersed two-component waterborne polyurethane can be used as adhesive for artificial leather and surface treatment agent for artificial leather, as well as for synthetic leather bass, surface layer resin, bass veneer and special base coating resin.

Two :Textile dyeing auxiliaries

In the field of textile industry, two-component waterborne polyurethane can be used as dyeing AIDS, printing, finishing agents, etc., showing good application properties, such as flame retardant, breathable, wrinkle resistance, etc.Fabric finishing agent is a layer of coating on the surface of the fabric, on the one hand, the surface gives the fabric some functions, such as waterproof, fire, etc.On the other hand, different fabric finishing agents give fabrics different appearance styles.Traditional solvent - based two - component polyurethane system contains a large number of organic solvents, causing great harm to human body.The two-component waterborne polyurethane system is free from harmful solvents such as formic acid, which may be the development direction of textile dyeing auxilaries in the future.

Three : Adhesive

National standard GB/ t30779-2014 waterborne polyurethane adhesive for shoes was officially implemented.This standard has filled the gap in the field of waterborne polyurethane adhesive for shoes in China, further standardizing the market order of waterborne polyurethane adhesive for shoes, and has a good promoting effect on environmental protection and energy saving in the production of shoes.Two-component waterborne polyurethane adhesive is widely used in the fields of soles and uppers, leather, home building materials, automotive interior and so on, but there are serious safety, health and environmental protection problems in the production and application of solvent adhesive.With the promotion of national policies and the continuous enhancement of enterprise customers' concepts of safety, green and environmental protection, it has become a trend to vigorously research and develop environmentally friendly adhesives with high technical content, high added value and high performance.The two-component waterborne polyurethane adhesive has the characteristics of high adhesion strength and wide application range.The bonding technology between the soft and hard substrates has high requirements on the bonding strength, heat resistance, weather resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance and other comprehensive properties of the adhesive.Two - component waterborne polyurethane has been widely used to meet the requirements of adhesive property.

Four: foam material

Two - component waterborne polyurethane also has important applications in foam industry.WPU foam can be used to repair the cement cement road.WPU foam material can be foamed and solidified quickly, and it has high compressive strength, realizing quick repair of road surface and saving cost.In order to increase the bonding force between WPU foam material and the substrate, the epoxy resin was used to modify WPU foam material, and the dihexanolamine was used to react with the epoxy resin to open the ring, which improved the interfacial bonding force of the foam material.

Five:the coating

Two-component waterborne polyurethane coatings with good performance and low VOC content have broad application prospects.The coating with smooth surface, high gloss and good performance can be obtained by combining polyol component with aliphatic polyisocyanate curing agent.In the future, it will replace solvent - based two - component polyurethane to become the leader of coating industry.A two-component waterborne polyurethane coating with high gloss, high drying rate, good weather resistance and low cost was prepared by using acrylic polyol dispersion as film forming agent, waterborne HDI trimer as curing agent, iron white powder as pigment, and suitable additives.

In addition to the above applications, two-component waterborne polyurethane can also be used in antibacterial materials, hydrogels, etc.Through multifunctional modified polyurethane can also be applied in antibacterial material, using the epoxy propyl alcohol isocyanate polyurethane pre polymers to end sealing side, the waterborne polyurethane molecular chain containing epoxy groups, by Fielding diamine crosslinking agent with an antibacterial compound with epoxy quaternary ammonium compounds, the preparation of compound can be used for wound dressing, can effectively absorb wound exudate.Dopamine-modified waterborne polyurethane was combined with FE 3O4 nanoparticles to prepare nanocomposites, which were applied to biomimetic hydrogels.

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