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Baoding industry water-based glue price

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-02-27
Water-based glue price baoding baoding industry industry water-based gel price which the vast majority of cases is the use of ethylene. (1) the fabric paste with hot melt glue stick, granular shape. (3) : late because of the small water molecules than solvent-based adhesive, can penetrate into the surface of the material smaller pore, equivalent to cast anchor in the material surface, its late on and solvent adhesive, with some suitable for cast anchor porous materials, such as mesh cloth and EVA, the late strength is better than solvent-based adhesive; (3) glue barrel stacked shall not exceed 4 layer; Avoid direct sunlight and rain; 3 type water-based glue suitable shoes and shoes (4) the warehouse should be set temperature and humidity meter, advice within 5 ∽ 30 ℃, temperature control and record every day, such as the temperature is beyond the scope suggested, should take timely improvement measures, to ensure that the water-based adhesive; The rapid development of the electronics industry to drive the further development of conductive adhesive. Adhesive for sewing can reduce labor intensity, garment and clothing made of fine, fit, strong strong. Used in fabric paste mainly include polyamide hot-melt adhesive, such as cheese and polyurethane. 1. Pur polyurethane hot melt adhesive to the surface of the adhesive material processing clean, dry, no dirt, no greasy, no dust, evenly apply the product in the adhesive surfaces and two surface bonding pressure, the clamps are available, and gently pressure adhesive tape or clog content of two sides, for glue to work under pressure, pressure time should be extended accordingly draping speed advice is 80 - 150 m/mm, drying temperature advice is 80 - 110 ℃ stored in shady and cool place and avoid direct sunlight, keep the temperature for 5 ~ 40 ℃ is suitable for PET aluminum plating film and paper combined with green products can be safely used in food, drugs, alcohol and tobacco, children's toys packaging processing appearance milky white or light yellow latex health and safety of 20 kg, 50 kg bottled definition 2: academic definition: pressure sensitive adhesive is a kind of have a combination of the viscous properties of liquid and solid elastic properties of the viscoelastic body; The viscoelastic body at the same time, have to be able to withstand adhesive contact two aspects of process and failure process of impact factors and properties. (2) the hot melt adhesive lining cloth working team members must go through professional knowledge training, have the professional knowledge of odour, no smoking, drinking, diet excitant food and sense of smell sensitive, has the characteristics of justice, fairness, integrity. Adhesive lining cloth is on fabric surface evenly Xu Bu made of hot melt adhesive. When used to adhesive lining cloth cut into the required shape and size, to be coated with hot melt adhesive side with other fabric materials ( The fabric) On the back of the hot-pressing bonding. It lining in the clothing layer, as a skeleton of a garment, simplifies the clothing processing technology and time, make the garment with light, beautiful, comfortable, insurance type, washable, durable effect. Simple conductive adhesive and two basic performance has been unable to meet the requirements of electronic devices, also need more conductive adhesive has excellent properties of thickness: 0. 1 - 0. Melting temperature: 205 mm - 120 10-160 ℃ stress: 20 pounds per square inch hot melt time: 3 - 30 seconds main models: 3 m615, capa H192 TESA8475, TESA8432, thoughts, etc. Lining cloth processing general requirement for hot melt adhesive is a colorless, odorless, texture soft, rapid bonding, resistance to wet and dry wash, cannot have an effect on fabric, light resistance, etc. Can use a variety of hot melt adhesive lining cloth processing, almost all types of hot melt adhesive can be used, with much is ethylene - Vinyl acetate ( EVA) Hot melt adhesive, polyamide hot melt adhesive and high-pressure polyethylene ( HDPE) Hot melt glue powder, and different USES of hot melt adhesive and processing methods are also different. Baoding industry water-based glue price since it is a kind of colloid structure, so lots of pores and large specific surface area. Whether it is six or four standard, are made at least three people team for smell. Due to consumption of silica gel is a refined and after sterilization, can be directly when mixed with food according to the requirement and guarantees the drying of food and food to eat together, but without any poison to the human body. (3) carpet back glue with hot melt adhesive [ 2] Furniture furniture USES hot melt adhesive is a kind of special to the man-made plank paste adhesive, it is a kind of environmental protection, solvent-free thermoplastic rubber. Baoding industry water-based glue price hot melt adhesive stick to white opaque ( Strong type) , non-toxic, easy operation, continuous use without carbonization phenomenon have fast adhesion, high strength, ageing resistance, non-toxic, good thermal stability, film toughness, etc. 。
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