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Basic knowledge about glue water spray adhesive

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-03
Spray adhesive from the literal understanding, as a verb refers to shoot have certain viscous liquid to spread out; As the name refers to the science and technology now under a product name. With automatic spray glue machine will glue or paint powder injection and attached to the another object according to certain rules of procedure. Product function used in sofa sponge, foam, cloth, leather, paper, wood, plastic, PVC, PE, EVA, metal, rubber, insulation material such as cotton, fire prevention board, aluminum-plastic plate bonding. For sofa with a spray adhesive glue, sponge rubber, sofas, mattresses, swivel chair, etc are used to spray adhesive. Features: 1, strong initial adhesion, fast speed, easy to use, improve the work efficiency; 2, glued objects can be easily stripped, and gave birth to a new positioning paste; 3, impermeability pressure sensitive adhesive, sticky long duration; 4, spray the surface is bigger, is for general per kg for 12 plane; Fine clean transparent, 5, and spray adhesive particle on most materials not knot spot, contraction infiltration.
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