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Being misunderstanding of water-based glue water spray adhesive

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-07
Water spray adhesive have been launched this product for several years, before the use of spray adhesive products are brought volatile oil out of the toxic gas, builders in the process of long-term use can produce permanent damage to the body. Water-based glue start is a new type of advanced processing products commonly used in some particular environmental health products, medical devices, for example, high-grade furniture, etc. Now, with the society's environmental protection consciousness to strengthen many processing enterprises also began to consider the environmental health products, after years of development of water-based glue by the beginning of the high price for a certain price decline, was big business just now with raw materials of small and medium-sized enterprises also begin to pay close attention to and try to use this new type of product, but the concept of small and medium-sized enterprise is thought to control costs as the center to choose some low price of raw material, this led to some early with customers to use after wrong think than oily water-based glue is glue is bad to use, or change the recycle oil state of mind. Plus some sales of water spray adhesive agent does not really understand the water-based glue at the beginning of operation process is optional to with the customer, in the process of operation from the side guide to using the consequences be discounted products the wasted effort. General early clients reaction in the process of using products will be made hard, yellowing, dosage of big problem. Small make up for the early today with or to water-based glue trial clients solve the misunderstanding of water-based glue mystery. First to understand water spray adhesive and oily glue itself solvent, oily glue is the sticky paste, organic solvent and water-based glue is with water as solvent, so when in spraying on the sponge will directly to like a sponge absorbing water to absorb, was balanced layer can spray a layer of film, is the early user misunderstanding feeling insufficient will make adhesion force to gush a few more, because of this a few times sponge absorbs excess glue, when the product is dried to form a layer of thick hard glue place, also damage the softness of the sponge itself no longer hair bounce up, which is always being misunderstanding with water-based glue can make products to harden. The yellow is going on here? Reason is the same, so much spray adhesive spray glue exposed to produce discoloration of the outer part of the product after oxidation. Have customer asked again, water-based glue and oil price is not ah, water-based glue a kilo to buy dozens of dollars, with oily just ten piece price clearly. This, I want to be with you to discuss what is cost-effective, in the same class of product properties and performance are almost certainly is to choose the cheap, but on the same dosage of properties of different types of products will be analysis problems. We tested a kilo of water-based glue usage is close to achieve three catties oily glue dosage, according to the three times that the conversion of water and oil prices would see that there is no disparity of the price, because the operation mistakes dosage too much so often make customers misunderstanding water-based glue dosage never even more three catties a catty dosage effect.
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