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Can our logo or company name be printed on glass screen printing ink ?
The customized logo is available for printing ink . We offer professional design and creation of high-quality products and personalized ideas. We'll affirm the layout with you before manufacturing.

Anhui Sinograce Chemical Co., Ltd. is a China-based company specializing in the manufacturing of slip agents for polyethylene. We play an important role in the manufacturing industry. The water based adhesive series is one of the main products of Sinograce. The processing of Sinograce best nano ceramic coating involves several basic steps: plasticizing, mixing, calendering or extrusion, forming, punching, cutting, vulcanizing and deflashing. This product features stable physical or chemical properties. Sinograce has originally designed water based polyurethane for floors which is patent protected. It will not easily form a surface film or gloss.

We are working on a more effective and greener production process. We make a production control plan that aims to remove waste and emissions from manufacturing processes through planning and organizing.
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