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Carton, color box carton waterproof light oil

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-22
Carton waterproof light oil is a pre-printed cartons and time and the importance of surface decoration processing production materials, carton face value and color box printing surface through the glazing coating, can make the product surface to enhance the resistance to water, fast, friction and resistance to pollution, such as performance, also can improve the gloss of product at the same time, the grade of the product was improved greatly. In order to adapt to the carton paper, color box under various conditions of normal use, Luke cartons waterproof light oil after the print surface coating, can express curing dry, ensure the printing quality in glazing coating does not appear when using membrane and back glue phenomenon. Now the carton color box products on the market, such as electronics, cosmetics, food, clothing and other packaging, print through the glazing requirements must be waterproof, moistureproof, mouldproof, anti-fouling, heat resistance and other properties, so use cartons waterproof light oil film after drying of printing must be stable chemical performance, contact with chemicals such as weak acid and weak base on the environment and the performance is not easy to change. Carton, color box, need to use adhesive bonding forming packaging products, such as the use of Luke cartons waterproof light oil with adhesive has good bonding performance, bonded with adhesive and will not appear after degumming phenomenon. After some paper box, paper carton printing glaze indentation folding process technology, such as well in the cartons waterproof light oil has good flexibility, where the mask layer in the folding process won't appear embrittlement phenomenon, better adapt to the technological requirements of packaging products post-press processing.
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