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Carton of water-based ink additives should be how to choose!

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-22
Carton Lord of water-based ink solvent is water, in order to make the system stable, requires the use of pure water, but the selection of auxiliary solvent also quite important, in the production of water soluble resin connection way, neutralizing agent's right to choose and to the stability of the water soluble resin made by printing eligibility plays an important role, but will be resin and amine salt doesn't get easier to control the stability of the solution, to achieve to control the stability of the solution must join the auxiliary solvent, only with the help of the auxiliary solvent, can obtain the stability of products subject to the technique index. Choose the standard of auxiliary solvent is the storage stability of the resin solution ( The change of viscosity and PH value to small) And the use performance ( Viscosity, rheological property, wettability, gloss, etc. ) Good or bad. Auxiliary solvent must be able to dissolve the resin used, non-toxic, no stimulation. Often use the auxiliary cosolvent is two or more of the solvent, it also can adjust the carton and the surface tension of the water-based ink drying performance, usually auxiliary solvent in carton water-based ink and the proportion of no more than 10%, the VOC content in order to achieve environmental protection requirement. Carton for water-based ink additives are dispersing agent and film-forming agent, neutralization agent, thickener, prevent the precipitation agent, defoamer, abrasive resistance, etc. En water-based ink manufacturer in research and development production of water-based ink cartons, can be used in corrugated paper, kraft paper, printed on the white board and other absorbent paper carton, cartons, paper bags, paper napkins, and other products, with excellent printing eligibility, environmental protection and low cost, etc.
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