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Carton of water-based ink print gloss and color have what relation?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-21
Carton of water-based ink print gloss and color, whether there is some form of linkage between from existing data show luster to either no hue and has a direct impact on lightness. As one of the three elements of color, brightness is to use light on the surface of the object surface diffusion reflectance to evaluation, thus diffusion reflectance can be indirectly measured object color lightness. Technicians in different paper carton water-based ink printed on the same black, found that decreasing relationship between brightness and luster of the color, use the same carton water-based ink in 30 different cardboard and measured after coating paper, printed matter diffusion reflectance is higher, the brightness is higher, the lower its luster. According to different color of ink film thickness, further to water-based ink printed on the paper cartons, also get the same results. Block technology personnel with a variety of black carton printing, water-based inks on the same kind of paper found some different from the above situation, with 28 kinds of carton water-based ink printed on the same coated paper data, the correlation between brightness and luster depends on the size of the water-based ink pigment particle diameter, particle big pigment, almost does not affect the lightness, that is to say under the condition of the same lightness, print gloss may be high, also may be low. In this case, the brightness and luster of the correlation between small, small particles of pigment luster and decreased with the increase of the diffusion reflectance. There is a certain relationship between luster and brightness, this relationship will affect printing quality. Luke water-based ink manufacturer has a strong research and development team, has been solved in this aspect, water-based ink color in the carton when allocating the controling print gloss change at the same time, both achieve satisfactory degree, to the printer problem solving.
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