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Carton wear light oil can effectively solve the problem of beer case rub off

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-05
Due to the printing process, raw materials, technology and so on reasons, beer case there printing color difference and rub off phenomenon, and layout of a dirty, paste version, the ink quality problems, such as leather and misregister are daily more prone to quality problems. Luke carton manufacturers think wear light oil, the good beer case product printing quality, it is an important task of printing enterprise. Now part of the printed cartons is using lithography process, and to improve the quality of offset printing, should pay attention to from the main technology, technology, equipment operation and maintenance aspects such as control. Technology and technique including scientific and reasonable arrangements for printing color sequence, such as printing according to the characteristics of substrates, the structure of the printing machine, printing surface by structural differences between the different, the difference of characteristics of original color and ink characteristics factors such as reasonable arrangement of printing color sequence, in order to improve the printing quality and effect of product. For in the field or the area is large on the dot, line layout of printing green, and blue printed beer case, in the process of long distance transport prone to rub off the quality problem, should use cartons wear resistant special water-based ink, enhanced ink wear-resisting performance. Luke manufacturer recommendations, still need to use carton wear light oil glazing, improve wear resistance of the printing ink, prevent discoloration appeared quality problem, also can improve the water resistance of beer case, surface gloss, make the product more superior.
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