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Carton wear light oil online glazing common two ways!

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-05
Use cartons wear light oil to the cartons, cartons and other paper, such as online glazing, is one of the efficient processing commonly used method, at present our country paper manufacturers often use online glazing there are two ways. Roller coating device for the roller glazing: transferring carton wear-resisting light oil to the surface of carton, carton. The amount of glazing glazing unit, pressure are controlled by the printer control center. Press polishing device of the polishing liquid feed mechanism to control the whole process of polishing fluid supply, polishing liquid by electronic double diaphragm pump out of the liquid storage barrel through a hose to polishing liquid pipe plate. Liquid level height and polishing liquid circulation by potentiometer monitoring, to ensure uniform polishing liquid supply, ultrasonic monitor can monitor the gloss of the glazing fluid volume. Offset press roller glazing unit, there is a chronological running two roller system, there are also can be used as the reverse operation of three roller system. With two roller chronological operation type, measuring roller was off, through the polishing liquid between bucket roll with liquid roll pressure to adjust the volume of glazing coating, simple structure. Work in the form of three-high reverse operation, liquid polishing roller and bucket roll reverse operation, can get very good brightness glazing coating: when using high viscosity fluid polishing at the same time, don't have to rely on too increase the pressure between the rolls to achieve thin and uniform coating. This kind of roller glazing unit has short route, less contact, polishing liquid is not easy to stem node, uniform polishing liquid transfer convenient, simple operation, etc. Blade glazing: carton wear-resisting light oil using closed-end scraping blade glazing system, is made up of ceramic anilox roll and closed-end scraping blade and flexible resin coated version of roller. Its main advantage is that by choosing different ceramic anilox roll, precisely the amount of coating finish coating as required, save the cartons wear light oil; Is fast changing, glazing coating version order device and function of the whole surface coating, local glazing. Usually consists of two measuring scraper and the function of ceramic anilox roll, upper and lower blade and anilox roll of closed box structure, polishing liquid pipeline pumping. Scraper type polishing device has a polish uniform constant, high quality and good effect is good, environmental protection, economy, easy to realize high speed polishing, etc.
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