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Chemical industry: water-based adhesive with multi-functional compound

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-12
Lexomer DN230 of phosphate ester modified high boiling point of organic compounds, colorless, tasteless transparent net flavour liquid, water-based adhesive standard by mechanical mixing into the aqueous system, Lexomer DN230 can automatically from the surrounding adsorption greatly more than its own weight of water, as part of the water balance, thus improve the freeze-thaw stability of the emulsion, and defer moisture volatilizes to protect wet effect. On the structure of phosphate ester compounds containing many kinds of organic replace groups, and can be produced with metal, inorganic acid-base reaction of phosphoric acid root, using phosphoric acid root and chemical reaction on the surface of the base material can achieve certain USES to improve adhesion function at the same time. Usually used ( / said) Adhesive, glue for dual tone word ( Same word, To read ( nia n) And can be read ( zhān) , ambiguous, what the correct pronunciation, is difficult to choose. Used for industry terms, easy to cause ambiguity, chaotic and confused. In general, as adhesive, no matter what is the state of matter ( Liquid, paste, or solid) Must have viscosity can be adhesive function. “ Sticky & throughout; The implications of Chinese interpreted as properties (like a paste or glue The four number new dictionary, 1977 revision, page 671) ; Like glue or paste have can make the objects ( zhān) The nature of the us, Xinhua dictionary, 1998 revision, page 360) 。 Adhesive happened to have the above & other; Sticky & throughout; Properties, also known as has been the adhesive glue. So, of course, change the adhesive to adhesives as a result, not only avoid the confusion of the dual tone words, image and can reflect the properties of the adhesive, also make the term appellation more exactly, more rigorous, more standardized, more unified. Water-based adhesive resin product application: 1, Lexomer DN230 used in water-based ink, coating, adhesive can effectively improve the film forming wet film after opening time, improve the interoperability of products, reduce the film-forming temperature, reduce manual besmear to brush, roller coating brush marks, improve the coating quality of emulsioni paint. 2, Lexomer DN230 is widely used in styrene & ndash; Acrylic copolymer emulsion and pure acrylic homopolymer and copolymer emulsion, poly vinyl acetate homopolymer and copolymer emulsion, polyvinyl acetate & ndash; Acrylic copolymer emulsion and acrylate copolymer emulsion. 3, Lexomer DN230 can improve the uniformity of the coating color, reduce the film-forming temperature; Can improve the flow property and brightness. 4, winter use can effectively improve the freeze-thaw stability of the system, reduce because of the low temperature of water-based products of a series of problems. 5, Lexomer DN230 usage is commonly in the emulsion emulsion solids 1 & ndash; 6%. Because DN230 almost insoluble in water, making a test when it is best to use mechanical agitation.
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