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Chemical production of water-based polyurethane emulsion implementation notes

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-11
Jun to chemical is specializing in the production of machining of waterborne polyurethane emulsion for enterprise, today small make up will give you a brief introduction some chemical properties of the waterborne polyurethane emulsion. Among the aqueous polyurethane emulsion, polyurethane is evenly dispersed in the water in the form of particles. A similar spherical particles, and pu molecules in the spherical surface of the distribution of hydrophilic group and water molecules to produce the stability of the electrostatic force, therefore, the state of the emulsion is stable. Waterborne polyurethane products as a kind of basic material, in practical application, a lot of this is not the simple direct use of the emulsion. Some scenarios to achieve a specific function to the introduction of the emulsion other substances, such as salt, powder and other types of emulsion agent, etc. But before mixing, the first consideration is compatibility. Waterborne polyurethane emulsion and saturated salt water if the introduction of material and the matching of waterborne polyurethane emulsion, polyurethane particles and forces between water molecules will be destroyed, the emulsion will also show the emulsion breaking, delamination, the phenomenon of coagulation, lead to products cannot be used. In the picture below are the different types of water-borne polyurethane emulsion mixed saturated salt water, can intuitively reflect the compatibility problems. Waterborne polyurethane emulsion mixed results so on aqueous polyurethane emulsion should first consider when allocating the material and the compatibility of resin, make sure to choose the right type of waterborne polyurethane products. Of course, if you need to know more information on aqueous polyurethane emulsion, welcome the telephone consultation!
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