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by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-11
Papermaking chemicals manufacturer jun to chemical, today to introduce you to the role of polyacrylamide used as flocculant: whatever the polyacrylamide products, used as a flocculating agent, its action principle, basic it is interlinked, the function mainly depends on three stages, that when making products beaker test selection is an important reference basis, for the role of introduction, the current industrial most people believe that is the process of adsorption bridging, flocculation precipitation, and then detailed said it is can be divided into coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation three stages, both in the laboratory experiment and computer operating the three stages can be fully show that chooses product if applicable, this article will focus on flocculant of coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation process in detail. 1, the condensed phases: when we join solution ( Flocculant or polyaluminium chloride) Coagulation is liquid injection pool and raw water quick coagulation formation fine alum flowers in a very short time, the process of the water became more turbid, it requires that the water can produce intense turbulence. The appropriate beaker experiment quickly ( 250 - 300 r/min) Stir 10 - The 30 s, generally no more than 2 min. The effect of this time is the best. 2, flocculation stages: is the process of dilatation of the alum flowers grow to the appropriate degree of turbulence and adequate residence time ( 10 - 15min) Can be observed in a large amount of alum flowers, to the late gathered slowly sank, the formation of a surface layer clearly. Beaker experiment at 150 revolutions per minute first stir about 6 minutes, then turn to 60 / min about 4 minutes to stir in suspended state. See how the reaction, if the effect is not ideal to adjust in a timely manner. 3, the subsidence stage: sewage and organic waste water processing, the product in sex or alkaline medium is electropositive, so that the suspended particles in wastewater with negatively charged sewage flocculation precipitation. It was conducted in the sedimentation pond flocculating settling process, demand flow is slow, inclined tube (commonly used to improve the efficiency of Plate) Sedimentation pool ( Had better use air flotation separation of floc) , a large number of bulky alum flowers inclined tube ( Board) Wall block and deposit on the bottom, the upper water as clear water, the rest of the small particle size and density of small alum flowers side slowly down, large side continue to collide with each other, the late to residual turbidity basically remain unchanged.
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