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Choose water-based glue reason ( 2) Water spray adhesive

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-30
Front we have about the reason why choose water-based glue: environmental protection. Today we will explain about choice of water-based glue another reason: performance. Go to the market to buy glue, glue often have said water-based glue of viscous force is not strong. The fact is it true? We will through the data to explain below. 1, the water spray adhesive compared with oily glue, not there was a big difference in tension, can reach 3. More than 2 kg/cm2. 2, relatively oily glue, water-based glue in the initial stage performance is not so good oil products, but enough to ensure the normal production, in use process there have been no degumming; 3, a lot of people will doubt that aqueous spray adhesive belongs to new product and so on environmental protection sex is strong, can differ in the use of raw materials. Actually otherwise, often repeat experiments show that the water-based glue with oily glue in the late of pulling and heat resistance, ageing resistance, water resistance in terms of both is indiscriminate.
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