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Chromium nitride ( CrN) Coating process is introduced

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-09
For low coefficient of friction and does not need very high hardness, such as stamping die, by its is pressing of non-ferrous metal mold, such as copper, aluminum, chromium nitride ( CrN) Coating is an ideal choice. Cool R coating in friction and wear, more strong and durable than other coating. Compared with cool N coating, it is the stronger corrosion resistance of the water solution. Cool R coating of high surface hardness, low friction coefficient and lower residual should make its application in resistance to wear, the occasion of the friction of metal and metal. And chromium nitride coating has high toughness and water solution of corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, and can get the thickness of more than 10 um thick PVD coating, and have certain lubricity. The basic characteristic of the coating, the coating hardness: 1 ~ 2000: hv2 friction coefficient 0. 50 ( Struggle for steel standard coefficient of friction) 3 coating thickness: 0. 5 ~ 10 mu m4 heat resistance: 700 ℃
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