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Coating of extinction and the kinds of flatting agent

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-06-27
A, extinction principle generally can be divided into physical matting and chemical extinction. Physical extinction, it is to join the matting agent, makes the coating on the film for uneven surface, reduce the reflection, to obtain low gloss. Using the matrix resin molecular chain extinction groups absorb light, achieve extinction is a chemical extinction. The most commonly used method of adding matting agent is. Second, the kinds of delustrant coating common matting agent can be divided into organic matting agent and inorganic matting agent two kinds big. 1. Organic matting agent metal soap is an early people commonly used a matting agent, mainly some metal stearate, like aluminum stearate, calcium stearate and magnesium stearate. Among them, the application of aluminum stearate. Metallic soap extinction principle is based on it and coating components of incompatibility, suspended in the coating, film distribution on the surface of coating, when produce micro roughness, reduce the reflection coating light extinction and to achieve. Defect is differ with the polarity of waterborne resin is too big, can not be dispersed in the aqueous system. Wax is earlier and more widely used a matting agent, paint after coating with the evaporation of the solvent, the wax precipitation, with fine grain suspension on the coating surface, causing the scattering increases with the extinction. The characteristics of wax as matting agent is easy to use, and the coating has good handle and water resistance, resistance to hot and humid. But also prevent after the formation of wax layer of solvent volatilization and oxygen infiltration, affect the coating drying and applied. At the same time in water-based resin dispersion is not good, poor compatibility, easy demulsification or gel. Tung oil can also be used as matting agent in the coating, the main use of conjugated double bond in tung oil high reactivity, coating film of different media exposure: the substrate and air oxidation of crosslinked at different rates, make the film surface becomes uneven and extinction. 2. Inorganic diatomite, kaolin, talcum powder and silica matting agent are dedicated as matting agent functions such as fine material. When coating is dry, their tiny particles will be formed on the coating surface micro rough surface, reduce the reflection of the light extinction appearance. This kind of flatting agent extinction effect is restricted by many factors, the disadvantage is that the addition of matting agent reduce the water resistance of the coating and alcohol resistance, influence on the transparency of the varnish, and cannot be finishing a good display texture on the surface of the object.
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