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Common problems and solutions in the construction of polyurethane waterproof coating

Common problems and solutions in the construction of polyurethane waterproof coating


In polyurethane waterproof coating construction often encounter some problems, so in the process of waterproof construction encountered different problems how to solve it?Sinograce waterproof with you to learn the following, polyurethane waterproof coating construction common problems and solutions.

1. viscosity
(1) coating itself viscosity is very large, construction effort.
(2) if the client applies roller coating and brush coating, less viscosity is needed to facilitate construction.
Solution: it is recommended to use rubber or metal scraper scraping coating construction, not to use roller coating or brush coating construction.Add diluent, should do small test first.

2.A large number of bubbles or holes appear in the film
Under the following conditions, the coating is prone to a large number of bubbles or holes:
(1) wet or rainy weather.Do not be in wet or rainy day construction, after the rain to wait for the base dry construction, after the construction to do rain prevention measures.
(2) low boiling point diluent is added to the product by the customer, and the diluent can volatilize quickly and easily.
(3) the weather is hot, the base temperature is high, it is recommended to shade or evening construction.
(4) loose porous base, should use special base treatment agent for base treatment, or paint appropriate dilution, the first thin coating, in order to close the base pores.
(5) one-component product: the coating film is too thick at one time, so it is recommended to apply it with appropriate thin coating.
(6) two-component products: construction shall be completed within the opening hours, especially in high temperature in summer;Avoid introducing a lot of bubbles by stirring at too high speed;If the ratio is not right, bubbles will also form.
Solution: for the above reasons to produce a large number of bubbles or pores, it is recommended to remove and redo, or wait until the film dry, and then redo a waterproof layer on top.

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