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Cutting tool vacuum plating titanium processing works?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-13
Cutting tool vacuum plating titanium processing such as milling cutter, drill bits, saw blades, thimble, silk attack, medical equipment, reamer, etc. , after vacuum coating and coating, in the process of cutting blade part can withstand up to 800 ℃ high temperature remains good hardness, surface cutting at the same time have more capacity and lower friction coefficient, so it can reduce the cutting force, improve the product surface quality and precision. After nanometer by coating cover not only can prolong the service life of cutting tools, also can improve the cutting parameters, realization of dry cutting, even eliminate the use of cutting fluid, protect the environment at the same time reduces the manufacturing cost. Advantage: a substantial increase in tool life is more resistant to high temperature, which can improve the dry cutting cutting parameters to improve the production efficiency by vacuum plating titanium processing and product quality improvement
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