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Dendritic polymer modification of waterborne polyurethane film performance impact

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-08
, mechanical property analysis to carboxylic acid, sulfonic group hydrophilic synthesis of waterborne polyurethane chain extender, the content of hydrophilic group on the polyurethane film after film mechanical properties have a huge impact, the image below for ZW series emulsion film mechanical properties testing results. As shown in the figure below, from the film's mechanical properties, in front of the unmodified film with sulfonic group content of hydrophilic chain extender, the tensile strength of the film showed a trend of gradual decline, the main reason is due to the hydrophilic amino sulfonate ( - - - - - - SO3Na) Group increased, sulfonate groups ( - - - - - - SO3Na) And poor compatibility between organic polymer chain, chain inter-atomic forces relative decline, cause the tensile strength decreases; It is because of sulfonate groups ( - - - - - - SO3Na) With organic polymer chain weakened mutual inter-atomic forces, which are prone to relative sliding between the molecular chain, can make polyurethane film elongation increases; After dendritic macromolecules PAMAM - G2 of the modified ZW5 film tensile strength than ZW4 improved obviously, elongation at break decreased, dendritic macromolecule structure advantages play a role, macromolecular resin shape to reinforce polyurethane molecular chain inter-atomic forces, and improved the mechanics properties of polyurethane. Second, the change of polyurethane film heat resistance analysis kinds and content of hydrophilic chain extender, affect polyurethane molecular structure, influence the intermolecular interaction force, which affects various physical properties of film. For sulfonic acid/carboxylic acid type waterborne polyurethane film heat resistance test, can understand the polyurethane heat stability, can grasp the resin finishing temperature. As shown in the figure below, it is ZW series emulsion film heat temperature data. From the film in the heat resistance, without PAMAM - G2 modified ZW1 ~ ZW4 polyurethane film heat resistance increased with the increase of sulfonic group content gradually decreases, which can be explained from the Angle of molecular thermal motion, with the increase of sulfonic acid type of hydrophilic group, chain inter-atomic forces gradually decline, bound to reduce between molecular chain, chain prone to thermal motion, which reduces the film heat resistance; After PAMAM - G2 ZW5 of modified polyurethane film heat resistance improve obviously, this is because the high degree of macromolecular resin shape modification for polyurethane molecular chain, limiting the movement of molecular chain, increased the intermolecular forces, so as to improve the performance of waterborne polyurethane film heat. Three, film, resistance to water analysis ZW series sulfonic acid/carboxylic acid type because the type of the content of hydrophilic group, waterborne polyurethane film on the water absorption performance of also have obvious difference, for ZW series resin film made by water absorption test results as shown in the figure below. Can be seen from the above, in the film's water absorption, without dendritic macromolecules modified polyurethane film ZW1 ~ ZW4, with the improvement of sulfonic acid group content, film's water absorption increases gradually, resistance to water down, this is because with the increase of sulfonic acid groups, sulfonic group of strong polarity comparison, its hydrophilicity than carboxylic acid type strong hydrophilic chain extender, when the sulfonic acid groups increased to a certain extent, polar molecule chain stronger sulfonic acid ionization hydrophilic group are more likely to absorb water, so as to increase the water absorption of film, reduces the film water resistance; While ZW5 after resin macromolecular PAMAM - G2 after modification, strengthen the interaction between the molecular chain, reduce the gap between the molecular chain, limit the infiltration between the water molecules chain, reduce polyurethane molecular chain between the adsorption of water, which reduces the film bibulous rate, improve the performance of polyurethane waterproof.
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