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Deployment of dark water-based plastic ink method

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-05
In card, plastic ink is special printing plastic film printing ink, ink and color can be customized according to the requirements of the deployment. As in the production process to allocate black colored plastic water-based ink should only use dark ink, try not to add thinner, such mixing effect is ideal. Concrete mixing method is as follows: 1. To analyze the color of the print template, determine the proportion of the primary color and secondary color. 2. According to print number to confirm the weight of the ink, the ink must be advocate complementary color ratio of the original ink, oil ink, ink type, quantity, a detailed registration. 3. Ink should use less as far as possible when the original color, can come in two original ink color, had better not three primary color ink mixing, avoid reduce the transparency of the water-based plastic printing ink, affect the printing quality of bright-coloured colour and lustre. 4. The dark ink, the first with a small number of the original color for debugging, allocate the ink color hue to sample request, then bulk ink. 5. It is worth noting that the deployment of deep color ink, sometimes need to join a small amount of black ink to allocate, the effect will be better.
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