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Does Sinograce have export licence?
Of course yes! Anhui Sinograce Chemical Co., Ltd. made the one-time pass of the examination of the administration and got the export license quickly. It is the authorization that allows us to do exports smoothly in the foreign markets. Besides, we have got access to many local markets that have additional requirements on the goods imported from other places. This is another guarantee of our internationalized business expansion. We also have many authoritative certifications that are recognized by certain countries and regions. All these are a solid foundation for our exports of nano ceramic coating spray .

Sinograce is a global manufacturer for styrene acrylic copolymer. The coupling agent series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The product features minimal deformations. It will not give out a change of the dimensions and in some case shape of a body due to an applied external force. The density of this product is fairly constant throughout. The product is easy to reprocess, and it easily fulfills the requirements of comfort and distinct personality by adding printed images on it. This product stands out for its excellent resistance to water intrusion.

It is the tenet of Anti-Static Floor Coating that accelerates the development of Sinograce. Inquire online!
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