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Dongying production of industrial adhesive agent

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-16
Dongying production of industrial adhesive agent dongying production of industrial adhesive agent please stir well before use, the effect is much better. ( 6) Crosslinking modification is an effective method to improve the performance of waterborne polyurethane, film can be improved water resistance, heat resistance and bonding strength. Dongying production of industrial adhesive agent 2, sanitary products industry: in recent years, the baby diapers, sanitary napkin, adult MATS and other health care products industry puts forward very high requirements on the smell of hot melt adhesive, require hot melt adhesive has no smell. Note editor for the food industry, are lethal damage. 1. Water-based glue must avoid light in 5 - 40 ℃ and ventilation of the indoor environment. Hot melt adhesive is short for hot melt adhesive, the adhesive is an important category of solid content, no solvents, environmental non-toxic, fast curing characteristics, usually is refers to the present solid at room temperature, when heated to a certain temperature and melt into sticky liquid, after coating, wetting is sticky material, after pressing, after cooling to room temperature, in a few seconds to complete adhesive bonding. 2. Water-based glue is tasteless, not burning, resistance to yellowing for four. Level 5 above, suitable for light color and higher requirements on resistance to yellowing of the material. Brush glue can be cleaned with warm water. By this time will bright lights on the glue guns, glue guns in heating condition. 3. Water-based glue in addition to the PE and PP materials, suitable for shoes fit between the use of all materials. Dongying production of industrial adhesive agent if you are unwell seek immediate stored in shady and cool place, avoid direct sunlight, keep temperature is 5 ~ 40 ℃ with film speed, high initial adhesive strength, no organic solvent, good weathering resistance, viscosity of healthy environmental protection 5000 ~ 30000 mpa. Acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive according to different use methods and fields, the emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive have different performance test requirements. 4, mobile or handling pur hot melt adhesive machine, you must first cut off power supply, make the pur hot melt adhesive machine pressure plate glue and glue the barrel cooling can move. 4. Water-based glue can not more than 5% of the water against, but to fully mix, or glue layer will effect the stalemate. After the water glue must be finished on the day. Pet-name ruby bowl for the failure of the death of glue, glue glue should be cleaned in time, to drop into the special dumpster. So, how to improve the early of water-based glue stick, combined with the basic principle of bonding and the practice of the field of chemical application technology center, we summarized the following methods, reference for the broad masses of water-based adhesive technology research and development personnel, less than place, welcome to correct me. Dongying production of industrial adhesive agent 3, when the pur polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine heating plate pressure plate and polyurethane hot melt barrels from, before more than clear in pur hot sol gel, must through the pur hot glue machine pressure plate on the special institutions, closing the passage between the pressure plate and the pump body, prevent solidification. So in order to cater to the terminal customers, health supplies manufacturers require health supplies of raw materials manufacturers of materials, which is understandable.
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