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Electric car balance master control circuit board waterproof nano protective coating

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-30
Recently several brought fire guys rent bicycle company, such as mobike bluegogo these companies, their success is due to better make up for a taxi travel short board, solve the problem of short-distance travel, regardless of taking a taxi, car rental, now own a car, and long-haul travel by car, by contrast, 10 km within short walking selectivity is more: compared with the emphasis on practical bike, emphasize the speed of motorcycle and scooter emphasizes portability, balanced car fusion more fashion, social characteristic, also has many forms. Electric car balance, also called body feeling, thinking, and taken a car. On the market basically has the sole and double two categories. Its operation principle is mainly based on a known as 'dynamic stability' ( 动态稳定) On the basic principle of the use of car body internal gyroscope and accelerometer, to detect the change of the car body posture, and use the servo control system, accurately drive motor to adjust accordingly, in order to keep the balance of the system. Is used as a modern transportation, leisure and entertainment of a new type of green environmental protection product. As people environmental protection consciousness to strengthen, the number of electric cars is growing. While balancing the car all kinds of segmentation has a lot of kinds, but actually can be divided into two kinds, one kind is single car wheel balance, one kind is the two-wheel balancing. Two rounds of electric balance is a new type of car transport, before and after it to electric bicycle and motorcycle wheels is arranged in a different way, but with the method of two rounds of fixed side by side. Two rounds of balance electric car with two wheels, battery power supply, brushless motor drive, and single-chip microcomputer control, attitude angular velocity and Angle sensor to collect signals, mutual coordination control the balance of body, relying only on the body's centre of gravity change can realize vehicle start, acceleration, deceleration and stop. Along with the development of modern smart union, balance the electric car is endowed with more functions can be combined with mobile phone, DV, camera equipment, USES the automatic walking function, become a mobile platform. Can balance electric car and mobile Internet, by mobile phone APP, can real-time sense of disintegration of the car driving and after-sale information, at the same time, the APP can also realize the function such as dating, sharing, at the same time also has the function of bluetooth configuration, by mobile phone bluetooth to control the car. Equipped with bluetooth speaker, bluetooth mobile phone to play music, become a platform for mobile music. As transportation, natural more time is driving on the road, and balance the electric car USES lithium battery as a power source, and power conversion technology is adopted, in the process of driving downhill for lithium battery charging automatically, make the electric energy and kinetic energy can be recycled, the capacity of the battery for products on the market at present commonly basic up to 4000 ma. Is important as well as main control circuit board and motor control system, and sensing system, it is a video games. Plus the wheels are generally not high, diameter of about 25 50 cm, in the process of moving the whole frame above the ground is very near. So hard to avoid in the process of use is affected by the moisture and moisture, including surface water, rain water will spill easily on the car body, and then penetrate the internal circuit, circuit fault, because just think if in the course of driving circuit fault lead to suddenly loses power, that cause the body driven by inertia falls, cause hurt, dislocation, fracture and broken ribs. So make a better protection circuit part, especially the circuit board, waterproof anti-corrosion is needed, such as millet 9 balanced car mini circuit boards are coated with a layer of insulating varnish, dedicated to the waterproof, and millet investment ninebot acquisition balance car boss Segway balance once in June 12, 2003, let US President George w. bush on a Segway accidentally lost his balance and fell. So to protect the balance of the car electronic electrical components is a top priority, the first, of course, is to protect the PCB, the traditional approach is on the PCB board coated with various ingredients of anti-corrosion paint, anti-corrosion adhesive or insulating paint, anti-corrosion paint ingredients and thinner, most have a few problems, such as toxic, flammable, smelly, slow drying, construction technology complex, easy peeling, uneven, heat dissipation is not good, with the advent of PCB nano coating, let PCB waterproof have new options. 这- - - - - - NM nano coating is completely in line with the new materials of environmental protection, with RoHS, REACH certification, NSS neutral salt spray test level is high, the appearance, ultra-thin coating, the thickness of the nano-scale, invisible to the naked eye, heat dissipation is good, construction technology is simple, don't need to increase the professional equipment, as long as the PCB in TIS - NM nano fluid soak for 3 seconds, then air buy 5 - at room temperature 10 minutes to fully dry, with good ability of hydrophobic hydrophobic oil are widely used in the intelligent terminal, portable medical equipment, digital 3 c and other fields, has been successfully applied to balance the car circuit board. 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