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Electric toothbrush PCB waterproof anti-corrosion nano coating solution

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-30
The continuous development of science and technology is the people to become lazy, constantly to solve people's hands, before communication basic roar, traffic basic to go, now? Have no matter to take two steps out the door, fewer planes, often people are good words are computer scrap, computer to replace a lot of original need to manually, such as modern fashionable gens also electric brushing your teeth. Electric toothbrush is in contact with water and corrosion, one of many household items, according to the normal life habit, using it twice a day at least, is two contact water and toothpaste, it to him for such a electronic product waterproof anti-corrosion performance put forward certain requirements, always can't hold a candle to strike. For electric toothbrush core nature is to protect the circuit board, avoid the water after a short circuit or be affected with damp be affected with damp, or toothpaste has been in the toothpaste ingredients after corrosion, ingredients for a toothpaste brand of toothpaste or price different and different, we should also have a feeling, after different toothpaste to brush the teeth with your tongue to touch the teeth surface will have different feeling, or a slight fluctuation tooth grinding will have different feelings, some toothpaste corrosion resistance is strong, if a long time to deposit on the surface electric toothbrush will there are risks of damage to electronic components. Waterproof and anti-corrosion is essential the performance of the electric toothbrush, can prolong the service life of the product to play an active role. Electric toothbrush waterproof often has the following four basic plan: one, in the form of sealing structure, such as using silicone seal, such as this is easily influenced by product appearance, once the exterior deformation, aprons falls off the PCB part of the product and completely lost. Second, using epoxy potting materials, such as not using heat dissipation, less use of maintenance. Three, the traditional paint, coating thickness, bad heat dissipation, and toxic, have peculiar smell. Four, the moistureproof coating nano moistureproof and anticorrosive coating is more advanced electric toothbrush waterproof plan, environmental performance, new material well in TIS nano moistureproof waterproof anti-corrosion coatings focusing on electronic products PCB areas, can be in the PCB surface, forming a strong layer of nanoscale film make electronic components from moisture, salt spray erosion. Prevent toothpaste ingredients of the corrosion of toothbrush circuit board, can cooperate structure waterproof implementation body wash electric toothbrush, due to the new material of nano coating environmental protection features, also can be safely used on children's electric toothbrush. TIS grace in new material nano coating in salt fog corrosion prevention aspect also has superior features, TIS nano coating has passed the ASTM ( The American association of materials and experimental) B117- 11 salt spray ( NSS) Test, test conditions for ( 5±1) % NaCL( m/m) , the test temperature for ( 35±2) ℃, salt fog settlement ( 1. 0 ~ 2. 0) ml/( 80 cm2˙h) , experiments of R3004 and R3006 series product performance is superior to the similar, salt mist 24 hours test model of the metal surface coating damage area is smaller than similar products. Er nano waterproof coating can be used in any electronics PCB board, if you are not yet used the product users, you can contact us for samples for testing. Samples for hotline: 400 - 7777 - 029 TIS grace in new materials currently nano waterproof and moistureproof and anticorrosive coating has been with several well-known bluetooth headset, electronic cigarette industry listed companies to cooperate, because of the grace TIS nano coating performance is outstanding, more international well-known manufacturers have been the final test pass.
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