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Electrostatic what impact water-based ink

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-26
When using water-based ink printing products, if produced electrostatic, the following can be affected, leading to the quality of the printing quality. Bearing the phenomenon; If produce static electricity, will lead to water-based ink printing in the printing pattern without, bearing the phenomenon. Secondly, the burr, the printing surface printing design text, misting. Three is to take; Electrostatic easy to dust, dust and other impurities will be adsorbed on the membrane, cause the printing after spend in graphic appear uneven. Electrostatic cause speckle phenomenon; Water-based ink printing pattern will be formed in a large area of the different shape of the markings. In order to guarantee the water-based ink printing effect and avoid the happening of the accident, electrostatic problems need attention, and adopt the appropriate method to eliminate static electricity. 1. Printers and ink circulation pump need to install the good ground, and in the printer installed static elimination, in addition to the device, high level of printing machines, usually equipped with a static elimination. 2. Control the temperature and humidity of the printing environment, the temperature control in 18 ~ 25 ℃, humidity is between fifty-five percent ~ 75. 3. Keep printing workshop environment, keep clean, reduce the occurrence of dust. 4. The burr and bearing condition, should improve the viscosity of water-based ink, choose dry thinners reduce machine speed slow. If the above steps are operating, so electrostatic problem is solved.
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