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Environmental protection silicone anti-corrosion paint spraying

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-31
Environmental protection silicone anti-corrosion paint adhesion performance does the best method of adhesion and resistance to solvent adhesion after level 1, resistance to solvent adhesion after test conditions: place the plates in the ethyl acetate for 8 h, wipe clean adhesion after test. Does wet resistance damp and hot, 47 ℃, 96% humidity) Test after 168 hours, test plate surface has no obvious change. Does salt fog resistance neutral salt spray test after 168 hours, test plate surface has no obvious change. Salt spray test chamber temperature 35 ℃; Saturated barrel temperature: 47 ℃; The spray pressure 1. 0kg/cm2; For the test solution ( 50±5) G/L NaCl aqueous solution, water for deionized water and salt for the analysis of pure NaCl, pH of 6. 5 to 7. 2, spray ( 1. 0 ~ 2. 0) 毫升/ 80 cm2 / h。 Placed in the salt fog test sample Angle: positive samples and vertical direction into 15 ° ~ 25 °. Environmental protection silicone anti-corrosion paint spraying case low will be coated material surface is wiped clean, guarantee the glued surface without oil and impurities. 'This product can use brush, spraying, such as dip-coating method construction. Coating on flow diagrams, leakage besmear is limited. A coating thickness is in commonly 0. 1 to 0. Between 2 mm advisable, final coating thickness should be up to 0. 3 to 0. 5mm。 Low table dry after the first line of film, can be coated again. Using automatic spraying anti-corrosion paint spraying production line, PCB positive selective coating can be used, can the whole surface coating on the back, spraying should be test well spacing. Of connector, switch components necessary to cover such as circuit board on the back due to fewer components, anti-corrosion paint spraying after the overall effect is very beautiful and TIS - NM green is three components moisture-proof anti-corrosion paint after curing performance boost TIS - NM solvent-free environmental anti-corrosion paint film thickness is very thin, good heat dissipation, resistance to high temperature 200 ℃, as liquidity is good, after spraying components around the pin feet got complete protection, surface beautiful and neat TIS - NM environmental protection silicone anti-corrosion paint spraying on PCB before and after contrast, intentionally left blank in the case the edge compared to the circuit board, not spraying bugTIS - NM organic silicon circuit board edge after curing of anti-corrosion paint spraying effect, showing excellent environmental protection silicone anti-corrosion paint flowing property features low has no corrosive materials low hydrophobic and hydrophobic mobility is strong, good moisture resistance low low adhesion better convenient construction solvent-free environmental protection silicone anti-corrosion paint is a kind of one-component anti-corrosion paint, natural curing under normal temperature. After curing coating has excellent electrical insulation properties and chemical stability, water aging, ozone resistance, resistance to climate, for electronic components, PCB circuit boards, a variety of metals, non-metallic materials have good adhesion and adhesion. Normally, silicon-based anti-corrosion paint need to depend on the solvent to dilute, in order to increase their liquidity, TIS - NM green anti-corrosion paint in solvent-free keep products under the condition of low viscosity and good liquidity, make the products at the same time show the strong adhesion, many of the same type anti-corrosion paint products are unable to this a few technical difficulties. Well environmental protection new materials in solventless silicone anti-corrosion paint spraying video video address: https://v. 优酷。 com/v_show/id_XMzg2NTk0MTI4OA==. Painted HTML in TIS - new materials NM solventless silicone anti-corrosion paint environmental protection product details please call 400 - free proofing or sample application 7777 - 029
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