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Extinction rules and prescription analysis of acrylic resin

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-13
Paint film extinction after give a person the sense of elegant and comfortable, simple sense is strong, very popular with people, wood coatings in the heavy use of silica as matting agent. Water-based acrylic resin manufacturers at present some high-grade architectural coatings such as fluorocarbon coating, in order to keep the film performance didn't use inert pigment such as calcium carbonate, talcum powder, such as extinction, and adopted the silica matting agent, etc. Some requirements matte surface, you must use matting agent to achieve. With the development of the resin emulsion synthesis and dispersed after technology, more and more various water-based paint products, extinction products demand a corresponding increase, its regularity and application research is very meaningful. Silica matting agent granularity value with different test methods and the dispersion degree is different, according to the size when you choose to tell them. According to specific extinction requirements, the effects of coating, coating performance and price comprehensive selection. 1 experiment and the results of instruments: the BYK Gardner GmbH micro Angle gloss meters, 60 o measurement range 0 ~ 150 gu, accuracy & le; 1GU ; The OHAUS Adventurer, according to the electronic measuring range 2000 g, precision of 0. 01 g; Shanghai SFJ - 400 stepless speed dispersion machine, scattered leaf blade diameter of 60 mm; 100 u m wire rod coating machine, polyurethane film, etc. Reference standards: GB - 9754 1988 paint and varnish does not contain metallic pigment paint film of 20, 60 and 85 o o o specular gloss measurement. Experiment using emulsion: E108, A633, GD87, APU1062, 25131, etc. , these high-end resin is characterized by glass transition temperature and/or the minimum film-forming temperature is high, high gloss, good chemical resistance, high hardness, can be used in high-grade building and wood coatings, etc. There is a kind of waterborne fluorocarbon paint, and its properties. It is generally believed that in addition to the matting agent and film-forming material itself performance, the influence factors of cancellation light: formula composition, film thickness, the degree of dispersion, the construction way [ 2 - 4] 。 To ensure the consistency of these factors in this experiment, scattered disk rotational speed 300 r/min, 15 min. Experimental varnish formula in addition to the emulsion, using the same film-forming agent, defoaming agent, wetting agent, rheological additives, volume solids control in 30 & plusmn; 0. Using 100 u m sample is 5%, wire rod coating machine on the polyurethane film coating, dry film thickness can be controlled within 30 & plusmn; 2u m。 1 ~ 2 days after samples and dry, with gloss meter measuring luster. Due to the emulsion or dispersion of solid content, add the proportion for the quality and the ratio of emulsion or dispersed liquid solid content. 2 results silica extinction mechanism is made after drying coating surface uneven and state, the surface of light scattering, and thus reduce the luster, thus the average particle size of flatting agent is the main basis that decided to extinction efficiency. But with increasing of particle size influence the film performance and appearance, so the performance of different paint film to use a certain particle size range of matting agent and cannot be used arbitrarily choose a big size matting agent. Coating of the original luster is very high, extinction effect of initial obvious, therefore, film efficiency of cancellation in light of its original gloss and eventually extinction effect is not big. Extinction effect weakened gradually with the increase of proportion of delustrant, near its extinction limit when no change, the curve of the proportion and luster basically similar trailer line.
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