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Face steamer circuit board electronics waterproof and damp proof harmful gases, nano waterproof material

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-09
People pursuit of the infinite gives beauty industry practitioners innovation space, take the face steamer, in the 90 s, we can only think of steam steamed bread, absolutely can't imagine face can also be steamed. When it comes to face steamer it was a product of nano science and technology, functions in addition to facial added moisture, can also go to black, activate cells, spot. , for example, on the function of the spot face steamer steaming out of nanoscale high temperature steam, can use the principle of heat bilges cold shrink to open the pores of the skin, and accelerate the facial circulation, promote skin metabolism, make the skin oil and toxin from the eduction in pores, and restrain the melanin precipitation accumulation, which will have the effect of the light spot. Directly into face steamer no impurity of pure water or distilled water, and then steamed face, need to be steamed for a few minutes at a time. Can open the pores of the skin, help skin to discharge oil and toxins, to replenish the skin in a short time, hydrated, as long as you can insist on a face steamer for a period of time, can see the effect of light spot. Also can use some similar such essential oil, rose essential oil with whitening pale spot, promote cell regeneration and anti-aging effect. To pure water or distilled water pour into steamed face of the water container, after a few drops to the water rose essential oil, and then began to evaporate face, adjust good steamed face to face distance and with essential oil evaporate face once or twice a week, insist on a period of time can clearly see the pale spot effect. Because of the special application scenario makes it face steamer with moisture, moment when used in high humidity environment, if use essential oil evaporate face, also will face oil pollution environment, because of the essential oil composition is very complicated, to what extent are complex, we often say rose essential oil, there are hundreds of different chemicals known to man. Known all kinds of essential oil of chemical composition, as many as thousands of species, including: ene, acids, esters, alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, phenolic, etc. , each user used oils containing poisonous or harmful ingredients whether there is a big uncertainty, virtually increased the risk of random failure. That gives manufacturers face steamer put forward a bigger challenge, in order to make the product quality is better, longer life, accidental damage probability is lower, it must do two protection, one is steamed face of circuit board components for waterproof, moistureproof, 2 it is corrosion resistant, acid and alkali corrosion and chemical gas corrosion proof, otherwise face steamer in the process of using the circuit boards and components extremely vulnerable to moisture and corrosion of harmful gas, cause short circuit or fire. If the face steamer of the surface of the circuit board and components for similar traditional anti-corrosion paint class protection, will greatly promote the quality of the product, it is recommended to use in the circuit board waterproof nanomaterials - - - 这- - - - - - NM nano coating, the coating can be formed in the circuit board surface layer of nanoscale dense protective film, the same mesh, membrane layer, effectively reduce the PCB surface energy has a super hydrophobic performance and good heat dissipation performance. In TIS - NM nano coating characteristics: conform to ROHS, REACH certification, environmental protection, no traditional anti-corrosion paint similar pungent odor thin film thickness, only 0. 1 - 2 micron, if there is failure after coating can be directly in - maintenance 60 - No change 130 degrees of environmental performance, zero halogen does not destroy the ozone layer salt fog corrosion resistance, prevent sweat effectively prevent harmful gas corrosion coating of circuit board quick-drying, table 1 - dry 3 seconds in nanostructured coating is steamed face detector circuit board components is three rare new nano material, simple operation process, is the high quality necessary face steamer is three materials.
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