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by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-06-26
Every papermaking chemicals have a best dosage or best dosage range, namely the dosage of the chemicals specified effect or the highest cost performance. According to the optimal dosage of chemicals, can find balance between the effect and cost. The best dosage is not a fixed constant. First of all, what is the best? Depends on the mill on the writer's anticipated effect demands expected, changed, and the changes of optimum dosage. Secondly, papermaking equipment and technology differ in thousands ways, different paper factory use the same chemicals, even if the expected requirement, the best dosage may also be different. Finally, the paper production conditions can change at any time, lead to the best dosage change accordingly. For example, a paper mill in using 4 available softwood and hardwood pulp production line. After 0 kg/t of NaHCO3, retention and filtration aid PAM and the dosage of the organic particles decreases the 14 respectively. 4% and 16. 7%. It is because of these reasons, each has its specific application that corresponds to the optimum dosage, need to determine by optimization. The determination of optimum dosage in practice, how to determine the best dosage of papermaking chemicals? Usually adopts two-step, first through the test in the laboratory or use for reference the experience of other applications to determine the dosage of roughly; Then in the process of application, adjust, and eventually optimize the best dosage. When using multiple chemical system, in addition to focus on the best dosage of each product, but also to optimize the ratio between the dosage of the products, these can also through the two-step method to determine the proportion relationship. There are many different kinds of paper making chemicals dosage control, can be roughly divided into two categories, functional additives and process AIDS, the former in order to improve the quality of pulp and paper using performance or give priority to, the latter to improve the efficiency of the production process. In general, the dosage of functional additives need to be accurate and constant, otherwise easy to cause the pulp and paper properties fluctuate or deviate from the requirements; While process agent has a wide scope of application, can join and excess can adjust at any time. Most chemicals requires preparation before use, into a suitable liquid, and then by continuous pumping. Paper production is a continuous and dynamic process, the nature of the pulp, sheet, sewage and paint are always changing, in such a system with chemicals, if add flow constant, the amount will follow the change of the system, not only can cause effect, also can cause excessive or insufficient dosage. In order to ensure that remain the best dosage range, you need to adjust to join in the traffic. The best way, of course, is the chain effect. If we can add chemicals to the effect of the flow and the related parameters, can let the computer control system according to the effect of changes in flow automatically adjusts to join. If you don't have chain conditions, operators will need to use manually adjust in time to join the flow. Dosage decided effect, but it is not linear relationship between the two. Usually early increase dosage, the effect will be rapidly rising; Late and increase dosage, the effect of increase is leveling off, even no longer rises. In order to avoid the effect of the chemical change with production conditions significant fluctuations, should try to keep the amount of chemicals in just coming into the scope of late. To optimize the dosage, dosage should first choose a good product, the better performance of the product can directly improve the amount of chemicals. Second, pay attention to the effective content of products. Some suppliers in order to reduce the price competition on the market, at the effective content of dark down products, paper products, if you use in the dosage of not only increase, and the effect is also prone to volatility. As mentioned earlier, dosage and use of the environment. Optimizing production process, adjust the usage of other chemicals, can help reduce the dosage. Finally, don't forget to check the effect of the expected requirement, if you don't need to very good effect, reduce the requirements, nature can use fewer chemicals. Problems though the use of papermaking chemicals BBS prevails, consumption concept has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but the problem still exists, mainly displays in the following aspects. 1) On the importance of the dosage of insufficient understanding. When first use or replace new chemicals, excessive reliance on dosage of suppliers to provide advice, they don't do follow up, don't do the follow-up optimization, lead to the amount of chemicals beyond the limits of the best float for a long time. 2) Do not adjust the dosage. Using fixed join traffic for a long time, don't do adjustment, cause the dosage and often fluctuations. 3) Too much to reduce consumption. In order to save costs, reduce the dosage of blindly, didn't realize the amount of the damage is too low to produce. The amount of paper making chemicals are the important factors influencing the chemical effect and cost. On dosage, there are two key words, namely the best dosage and adjust in time. In order to pursue the best dosage of lower, need to find a better chemicals and optimize application conditions; Paper factory should arrange someone to follow up the usage of chemicals, according to the change of production conditions at any time adjust the dosage. Although reduce dosage is the quickest way is to reduce cost, but don't forget, is currently widely used papermaking chemicals is mostly fine chemicals, their cost proportion in the total cost of pulping and papermaking is extremely low, but the effect is extraordinary. If too much reduction, easy to bring production is difficult to detect adverse effects, and finally picked out a sesame lost watermelon, the results do more harm than good.
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