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Filler selection principles

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-10
Filler selection principle is: before the desander can remove the large particles and impurity contained in the packing of impurity elements, reduce wear on forming network and dehydration of the panel, as well as the paper off powder phenomenon, but this way of joining will increase the loss of packing at the same time; If the packing quality is better, or in the system of preparing packing filler to make use of vibration frame screen devices such as pre purification treatment, can also add the packing after the desander, in order to reduce loss. Retention aid retention system is one of the most important part of the paper machine. Retention agent has a variety of combinations, such as unit system, dual system and particles flocculation system. Papermaking chemicals magazine below only the unit system and flocculation particles system are analyzed. Generally selected unit system of cationic PAM as retention agent. There are two kinds of selection of join points: one is added before the rotor screen, high shear force produced by using the rotor screen damage form the large size of floccules, can improve the evenness of paper, but paper machine one-way retention is poor; 2 is added after the rotor screen, can obviously increase the one-way retention of paper machine, but the paper evenness variation. Particles in the flocculation system is made up of cationic PAM and bentonite ( Or silica sol) Two kinds of chemical composition. Its principle is to join the long chain of high molecular weight cationic PAM to form large floccules in the pulp, and then use salt slurry pump, high shear force produced by rotor screen equipment such as large floccules scattered small floccules formation, add the high specific surface area, particle size of bentonite tiny material connect each little floccules formation micro floccules mesh structure, the network structure is advantageous to the retention and leaching. But the mesh structure should avoid high shear, cannot regenerate or be damaged. General cationic PAM to add in front of the slurry pump is the second impact, bentonite added after the rotor screen. The microparticle retention system can significantly improve paper machine is the feature of one-way retention, but from the point of practical effect, paper evenness decreased obviously. Fungicide each system some corner of the paper machine production, such as the wall, corners can result in bacterial problem in the long run, the part of the raw materials used in production at the same time is also likely to lead to bacterial growth, so should be in order on a regular basis, inhibit the growth of bacteria. Fungicide to join point generally have the following position: starch storage tank, packing, storage tank, damaged paper tower, the slurry pool, white water recovery system, the paper machine net hole, closed Bai Shuichi. Coating damage control agent in the process of production, there will always be a part of the recycling of coating damage of paper into the system. As a result of the formula used in the latex substances such as highly electronegative, if direct access to system will destroy the balance of wet end chemistry, fluctuations in the system, such as glue, retention and bring adverse effect, at the same time can cause paper holes and the problem such as shading, so need to this part of the coating damage paper preprocessing. The method is in front of the damaged paper machine processing system organization to join harmonic component golds ionic polymer, and coating damaged paper carries negatively charged, remains in the paper and turn it out of the system, to ensure the cleanliness of the system. As the saying goes: no set, water impermanence. Because of the complexity of the paper machine system and the diversity of materials used, each manufacturer of wet end chemicals to join point could not have a fixed pattern. Should be on the basis of fully understanding of the nature and use of various chemicals characteristics, combined with the actual situation of the mill, continuously explore and optimization, to find out the suitable way of wet end chemicals to join. BianHou words: soldiers set, water impermanence. This is the most wonderful, in this paper, no one. Papermaking chemicals used to make a concrete analysis according to the actual situation of each enterprise, like the doctor sees a doctor, to have a clear picture of their system, then on the basis of the basic common sense measures for concrete problem, cannot copy the so-called mature experience.
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