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Fluorocarbon resin modified waterborne polyurethane

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-07
One, the introduction of fluorocarbon resin containing fluorine carbon resin refers to its molecular chain of fluorine resin. The basic unit is a fluoride rare hydrocarbon, can by itself or homopolymerization or copolymerization with other monomers. Fluoride is in nature the strongest elements of electronegativity, electronegativity of 4. 0, its lone pair electrons, C - F keys can outweigh the other keys. Different chemical bond of can see the table below. Fluorine atom radius is very small, compared with the minimum radius of hydrogen atoms, only slightly larger, so the stable chemical properties. Surface free energy of fluorinated materials generally very low, so make it have good resistance to water of oil, the fouling resistance is strong. These characteristics of fluorine element gives the properties of fluorinated polymer '3 tall two hate'. The 'three highs' refers to the high surface activity, chemical inertness and chemical stability; 'Two hate' refers to the hydrophobic and abhorred oily. In addition, fluorocarbon resin crystallization, therefore has not adhesion and wettability, widely used in the kitchen cooking utensils and reaction kettle, precision instruments, all kinds of cans, such as the lining. Second, fluorocarbon resin modified waterborne polyurethane is well known, waterborne polyurethane coatings with water as dispersing agent, and introduced during the preparation of a large number of hydrophilic group, in addition, most of the waterborne polyurethane is the linear structure, with crosslinking structure in its molecule, but the crosslinking physical crosslink due to hydrogen bonding interaction, is not a chemical crosslinking, which makes performance waterborne polyurethane has some shortcomings, such as poor water resistance, adhesion, etc. Fluoropolymer has the characteristics of '3 tall two hate', if introducing fluorine segment polyurethane system, is just made up for the inadequacy of water-based polyurethane poor water resistance, water-borne polyurethane coating performance further. Using fluoropolymer hatred 'three highs' performance, in order to improve the water resistance of waterborne polyurethane emulsion, introducing fluorine segment polyurethane system, make the composite emulsion combines advantages of two kinds of materials. By blending method, silicon a crylic-acid emulsion/waterborne polyurethane emulsion, in different substrate film, and adhesion on membrane, contact Angle, water absorption, such as mechanical property test, DF - after modification are observed by a scanning electron microscopy (sem) 01 / WPU composites coating surface; Using infrared spectrum analysis of the structure. The experimental results show that when the content of fluorocarbon resin was 7%, bibulous rate is low, is 11. 80%, higher than that of the original 2. Eight times. The adhesion can reach level; The viscosity of modified emulsion viscosity than unmodified.
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