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Ganzhou industry glue factory

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-02
Ganzhou glue factory in ganzhou industry can glue factory 1, under the professional instrument testing analyzing the composition of hot melt adhesive, so that we can get the accurate data. Health and safety of complex mode mainly for the food, chocolate mould, candy mold, precision casting, and carbon fiber composite materials, food cake mould, craft ceramics, printing, cloning human organs, household appliances, lighting products, silica gel ice, silicone pacifiers. Work to maintain good health concept used to ganzhou industry factory 2, hot melt adhesive glue, water-based coating glue with water as solvent or polyurethane acrylate resin through specialized emulsification equipment, emulsion. Viscosity regulator melting point ( ℃) 70 - 84, 65 - 78 main models: 3 m615, capa H192 TESA8475, TESA8432, thoughts, etc. If the glue on the skin, can clean water and soap. Used by the tool before drying of glue can be used warm water to clean. If you are unwell seek immediate ganzhou industry universal glue factory, used in many outdoor facilities. Packaging and storage of ganzhou industry glue factory now has a lot of coating is done with water soluble glue, such as general water soluble pa, water soluble pu and leather adhesive, oil wax feeling, the feeling of scraping the color paste and other functional slurry. This product is 20 kg/plastic drum ( The net weight) , 50 kg/barrel ( The net weight) This product should be stored in a cool, dry place, control the temperature of 5 ℃ - 40 ℃ advisable, shelf life ganzhou industry such as glue factory more than 6 months shelf life are latex adhesive solution is, without exception, the inspection may continue to use the disadvantage is that poor film-forming, washing fastness, pu can't stick hot glue. 2. Water-based glue is tasteless, not burning, resistance to yellowing for four. Level 5 above, suitable for light color and higher requirements on resistance to yellowing of the material. Ganzhou industry can be coating glue factory after curing.
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