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by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-03
Ganzhou how professional adhesive ganzhou professional adhesive catalyst choice not only depends on the kinds of monomers, but also depends on the adhesive drill agent USES. 5, good quality hot melt adhesive with heat resistance performance, can put the hot melt adhesive in zero or more than 40 degrees respectively environment for testing, if there are brittle, soft gelatin said quality is bad now. Rapid solidification. At present good quality hot melt adhesive can be used in the field of industrial manufacturing, heat resistance performance and flame retardant performance is guaranteed, the current can reach the quality requirements must be big brand products, such as ke, Moore, focus on the study of the hot melt adhesive, provide customized hot melt adhesive application solutions, wide range of USES, can be applied to new energy, military industry, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instrument, power supply, high iron, and other areas of the industry. 7, for the special structure of pur hot melt adhesive machine pressure plate to clean up, due to the special structure of pur hot melt adhesive machine heating plate can't clean up in a short time more than pur polyurethane hot melt adhesive, more than in clean dry nitrogen protection must be used in pur polyurethane hot-melt adhesive, and adhesive time should not more than 10 minutes, shall not use any hard tool to clean up the pur hot sol hot plate machine. Can be divided into two components of catalytic curing, one-component UV curing or thermal curing. Although some hot melt adhesive at the time of operation will be some smell, but is completely disappeared after curing, so the hot melt adhesive is safe, can be used in electrical parts of adhesive. Six, printing ink, glue viscosity of the relationship between control and residual ink, glue, 6) Crosslinking modification is an effective method to improve the performance of waterborne polyurethane, film can be improved water resistance, heat resistance and bonding strength. 1, EPE packaging industry, electrical appliances, shockproof anti-throw EPE packaging materials packaging assembly parts, electrical appliances manufacturer for rubber end users without peculiar smell, and in the production of EPE packaging manufacturer assembly process, coating machine is open, a local heating temperature is high, production workers allergic to special smell, think there's a smell is poisonous, the influence is healthy, require a safe working environment, so the smell of extremely strict requirements are put forward for hot melt adhesive, require hot melt adhesive has no smell. Vinyl acetate copolymer ( EVA) , polyurethane, polyester, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin can make all kinds of pressure sensitive adhesive. This kind of resin is the main components of the production of hot melt adhesive, the proportion of basic resin, quality determines the basic properties of the hot melt adhesive, ( Such as adhesive bonding ability, melting temperature and the cohesive strength) 18 - generally choose the VA content 33, refers to ( MI) 6 - 800, VA low content, the crystallinity, the higher hardness, same case VA content, crystallinity and low elasticity, the choice of EVA melt refers to is also very important, the smaller fusion refers to illiquid strength high melting temperature of the adhesive wetting and permeability is quite poor. Generally between $100 and a melting point 200 ℃ between high molecular weight linear saturated cool is used for preparation of vinegar, hot melt adhesive machine manufacturing together there are many kinds of catalyst of vinegar. 2, sanitary products industry: in recent years, the baby diapers, sanitary napkin, adult MATS and other health care products industry puts forward very high requirements on the smell of hot melt adhesive, require hot melt adhesive has no smell. Along with the development of society and economy, people more and more rich, the quality of our products have higher requirements, combined with the present status of a Chinese have only one child, who all hope that their children can enjoy the treatment, even if the baby diapers, also hope that the children can use safety, and the smell of the product is absolutely not acceptable. So in order to cater to the terminal customers, health supplies manufacturers require health supplies of raw materials manufacturers of materials, which is understandable. Good electrical properties, has high drop strength. Ganzhou professional adhesive how 1, moisture during maintenance pur reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine before work, must first put pur moisture reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive on the mechanical power and connection outside the total power to cut off, shall not be charged.
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