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Goggles antifoggant PC lens anti-fog coating PET lens anti-fog coating

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-02-04
Fourth generation anti-fog coating new fourth-generation upgraded lens anti-fog coating, has the following obvious characteristics: anti-fog coating washable ability further strengthened after processing, after washing and friction does not affect the anti-fog functions; The fourth generation anti-fog coating epoxy ethane disinfection test pass; More selective, anti-fog coating, oily water was launched. Anti-fog coating, UV anti-fog coating; Friction wear resistance significantly enhanced, more than 1000 times in the third generation anti-fog coating, a new material of the third generation anti-fog coating has a dual function lens anti-fog + mirror to strengthen basic introduction to grace the new nano anti-fog coating material nano anti-fog coating/PC lens anti-fog coating is a kind of adhesion in PC/PET/PMMA substrate surface, prevent mist, nano coatings produced by nano coatings system imported from Japan. Characteristic is coated with simple, second form anti-fog effect, fast dry, friction resistance to high temperature and high humidity resistance, is a kind of super hydrophilic anti-fog coating. Ordinary lens and coated with anti-fog lens surface water droplets Angle of the super hydrophilic coating contrast the causes of the fog is hot air encounter cold object and condensation on the surface into small water droplets, diffuse light in these small water droplets surface, so to prevent mist will prevent the formation of small droplets, grace in the new material anti-fog coating on lens surface rapidly forming membrane layer, have super hydrophilic properties due to its surface, increases the surface tension of water, water on its surface to form water droplets, but a layer of water film, thus fundamentally prevent the formation of the fog. Lens anti-fog coating the nano structure of the new champions league virus outbreaks reported in we see the staff wear goggles with long hours of work, and goggles moisture and humidity difference inside and outside, make the fog rally on goggles, brought inconvenience to work properly. New coronavirus pneumonia disease front, the most beautiful NiXingZhe faces on the heart, each of us, however, a line of health care workers face the great challenge of goggles lens fog. Er PC lens anti-fog coating after the repeated test and test finally from coating coating process, durability, anti-fog performance, great progress has been made in several aspects, such as curing time, very suitable for application in the medical goggles PC lens surface anti-fog treatment, at present, the new material well in nano anti-fog coating has confirmed by several goggles manufacturers, and has set up a production line in bulk phase. Well in the new material nano features anti-fog coating properties: colorless transparent liquid, no pungent smell environmental performance: meet ROHS | REACH standard coating process such as: clean uniform cloth to wipe, suitable for goggles production line operation cure time: 1 - Immediately after 10 seconds coating have prevent mist effect after 24 hours of 95% or more durability performance: after 500 times of defence clean cloth to wipe fog effect is reduced using alcohol to clean more than 500 times anti-fog effect can be used base material: PC, PET, PMMA, glass coating color: colorless, transparent lens anti-fog coating technology project performance indicators look transparent liquid light transmittance 92% anti-fog 1. 50 ℃ saturated steam, 5 cm distance, fumigation 3 seconds no fog, bright 2 membrane layer. After fumigation, wipe clean, fumigation again, repeat the test 100 times, prevent mist sex is 3 attenuation. Fumigation can't afford to 20 seconds, 2 hour 25 ℃ water fog, shining brilliantly 4 membrane layer. - 35 ℃ heating to 80 ℃ for 8 hours after 2 hours, cycle three times, prevent mist sex not decay resistance to water of 25 ℃ blisters 240 hours prevent mist effect, membrane layer of bright increased permeability & gt; 1% haze & lt; 0. 1% of the PC surface hardness, PET: HB; Glass: 1 h 80 ℃ water resistance, weatherability 5000 hours 1 hour by adhesion level 0 friction resistance (500 times Wet velvet 500 g weight) Resistance to impact strength 50 kg, cm flexibility use temperature - 1 mm 50℃- - More than 10 years service life of 150 ℃ 70 ℃ / 60 minutes, curing way 150 ℃ / 10 minutes goggles anti-fog performance testing the effect of the goggles coated nanometer anti-fog coating prevent mist effect contrast goggles anti-fog effect after test contrast details lens anti-fog coating coating process of coating process, spray, dip coating, spraying, roller coating technology can be 1, manual coating: thoroughly clean before using base material surface, with a clean cloth dipped in nano anti-fog coating evenly base material surface, without baking, use room temperature curing, curing surface touch is about 1 minute, 24 hours after the performance of 95% or more. 2, spraying technology: use the spraying equipment, the basic principle to prevent mist liquid atomization and attached to the lens base material surface evenly, and then to the conventional heating reaction. Equipment spraying process for different devices will have different working principle, the basic principle is through the nozzle to prevent mist liquid atomization, with very little particles, fully adhere to the molecules on the surface of the substrate, and heating can be fully curing reaction.
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