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Gravure printing speed relations with water-based plastic printing ink viscosity

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-02-24
With Luke water-based ink manufacturers know, now most of the membrane material of gravure printing ( Including JinKouJi and MTK) The printing speed - from 30 300 m/min. General press printing speed - in 80 200 m/min, in actual printing, should according to the printing press to choose the appropriate printing speed of water-based plastic printing ink viscosity, when the printing speed high and printing viscosity value drops. There are several other may also affect proper viscosity printing. 1, in the same printing in the printing speed due to the differences in water-based plastic ink formula design, its printing viscosity also will be different, should choose the professional water-based ink manufacturers custom-made right printing speed and machine parameters in the formula, or according to the printing effect without affecting the properties of water plastic printing ink at the same time to adjust viscosity. 2, under the influence of the season, summer and winter, plastic ink viscosity also has certain differences, general water-based ink manufacturer will be adjusted according to the season. 3, need according to the actual condition of the printing plate cylinder, choose the appropriate printing ink viscosity.
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