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Guilin HENKEL food-grade plastic factory

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-31
Guilin HENKEL food grade glue factory HENKEL food-grade plastic products factory is not so require that, on the contrary, many big brands products have the smell of their own characteristics, the smell become a factor in its brand recognition. In use process should be tightly covered at any time, in case the glue liquid crust, do not entry, can not let the child contact senile incontinence products demand will increase rapidly in the future. Packaging and storage curing quickly, is not really a structural adhesive, but the adhesive substrate scope is very broad. Stored in shady and cool place, avoid direct sunlight, keep temperature for 5 ~ 40 ℃ the smell of your products is not the same as the smell of hot melt adhesive, hot melt adhesive are rarely in the customer product quality, under 5%, is the smell of the customer product source, is not. Attention should be paid to prevent frostbite, will destroy the performance under 0 ℃ storage for a long time also, offset printing ink because of interference from deformation, printed products are high quality, design is very clear, and simple sense is very strong, color reduction degree is high. Please do not mix with other products, finished products should be kept sealed. ( 2] Guilin HENKEL food-grade plastic factory scent of a people, wen xiang known brand. (2) use water-based glue will lead to environmental protection, health, save energy, save cost of equipment and manpower, fire safety, etc; Pet-name ruby besmear to brush the glue specification, according to besmear brushs mark line, besmear to brush besmear to brush back and forth at least once, for some more material to glue ( Such as more than fluff flannelette, after grinding coarse leather, etc. ) Besmear to brush back and forth is particularly important to ensure that the coating in place, at the same time should also prevent the rubber product; (3) cost: water-based glue consumption is 1/3 of solvent-based glue, if the water 3 times of unit price shall not exceed the solvent adhesive, replace solvent-based adhesive with water-based glue will not increase costs, as oil prices rise, the cost of the solvent adhesive is bigger than water-based glue rise, in the long run, water-based glue process cost lower than that of solvent adhesive process. PP membrane combined with glue to edit his printing process is unique, to transfer twice, first to transfer the plate on the graphic to rubber, turn again to the compact disc printing, because it does not require ink balance method, so the structure will be more precise. For the people, the scenery and similar graphic is suitable. Guilin HENKEL food-grade plastic factory electrical and electronics industry all landowners shock/vibration damper; Polyvinyl butyral adhesive used in the rearview mirror and the windshield adhesive, the adherend called positioning adhesive.
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