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Guilin professional packaging adhesive agent

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-31
Guilin professional packaging adhesive agent professional packaging adhesive agent preparation acid ester emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive, 3, to choose the appropriate soft and hard monomers and dosage, the soft and hard monomer ratio, appropriate to pressure sensitive adhesive bonding performance and cohesion strength coordination and balance, but for pressure sensitive adhesive, the selection of functional monomer is also very important, it can increase the cohesion of the pressure sensitive adhesive, improved adhesion with the substrate, and provided further crosslinking active group. Physical and chemical bonding effect, the overall strength of adhesion after carton, carton is not easy to deformation and cracking. In addition, hot melt adhesive coating system can be to press the rubber coated in different shape of key parts, such as: cartons cover fold. Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive as a result of not using solvents, won't produce environmental pollution, high production efficiency, in today's rising to the call for energy saving and eliminate environmental pollution of the society, the importance of this kind of pressure sensitive adhesive also is increasing day by day. Most of one-component polyurethane coating in the application need to be careful, strict control of coating and curing environment. Second, poor adhesive with good low temperature resistance, cold climate in the north, does easy to glue; Hot melt adhesive, good low temperature resistance, resistant to - 40 ℃ low temperature. And the storage life of hot-melt adhesive for 2 years, store covers an area of small, no special storage requirements; And tape storage is valid only for half a year, also requires a certain storage conditions, otherwise easy to spoil. Since it is a kind of colloid structure, so lots of pores and large specific surface area. In addition, hot melt adhesive also provides a good anti-theft function, due to the adhesive penetration into the corrugated any attempt to open the carton will tear fiber. Tape available knife cut, in imperceptible in take contents and sealing again. Guilin professional packaging adhesive agent sealing adhesive for all kinds of polishing, polishing, pressure light, PP compound such as PET, PP transparent box, adhesive film, non-woven products, box packaging, food packaging, cigarette packaging, furniture edge banding tetra beverage packaging, assembly, electronic industry, automobile interior trim seal, headlights, windshield assembly, etc. ) , non-woven pads, diapers, diapers, insoles, disposable supplies, paper coating composite trademark, label double-sided adhesive tape, glue plate, flypaper, wooden floor and carpet glue, bandages, medical, color box packaging, carton packaging with breathable tape glue, back adhesive to stick material such as the cingulate has strong adhesive force; Good thermal stability, no impurities, good operation; The weather; Aluminum foil sealing characteristics of the hot melt adhesive unique water resistant, waterproof. Note editor type polyurethane: have good wet resistance, chemical resistance, excellent electric properties. 2) Appearance: guilin professional packaging adhesive agent 2, should guarantee the pur hot melt adhesive machine using the environment clean, pur glue machine on the pressure plate can not have infusible solid, impurities, iron filings, screw, wire head, hard sharp objects such as solid content. In the 21st century, the development direction of industrial glue is embodied in the following nine aspects. Type hot melt adhesive with stable performance, high utilization rate of raw materials, production speed, high yield, 13, equipment cover an area of an area small, and the advantages of small investment of other major acrylic epoxy resin adhesive products silicone acrylic acid with acrylic acid, methyl acrylate, ethyl acrylate and acrylic acid 2 - Ethyl caproic ester copolymer emulsion, such as for electrostatic flocking, flocking adhesive, its fast and feel good. Goods packaging in transmission nowadays, businesses at the same time, through the packaging pattern design can also communicate product and company image. Therefore, appearance factors hindering the research on the role as little as possible. Packing tape often block image, interference information transfer; And hot melt adhesive bonding between folding wing, can provide larger display space. Epoxy resin epoxy resin with low shrinkage rate, resistance to mildew, properties, such as stable point. And the successful application of adhesive can promote advanced heat resistant, high strength composite materials, such as carbon fiber, boron fiber could be used in the aviation industry, the aircraft structure was further improved. Guilin professional packaging adhesive agent hot melt adhesive main ingredients, namely basic resin is ethylene and acetic acid ethylene copolymerization under high pressure, and combined with viscous agent, viscosity regulator, antioxidants made of hot melt adhesive, etc.
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