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Has lamination adhesive passed the QC test?
Lamination adhesive has passed the tests conducted by ourselves and third parties. A QC team has been founded, aimed at controlling the product quality when it just comes out. This is the called self-quality test. In order to reassure the users, third party quality tests are carried out. All could be found on the official website.

Depending on years of exploration, Anhui Sinograce Chemical Co., Ltd. shows strong capabilities of designing and manufacturing coal additive over other competitors. The crosslinking agent series is one of the main products of Sinograce. Before the shipping of Sinograce wax emulsion uses, its cooling effect has been strictly tested up to the international standard in the refrigeration equipment industry. The density of this product is fairly constant throughout. This product is regarded as a green and eco-friendly product. It contains no heavy metals which may cause pollution. This product is used for the surface treatment of textile, leather, label printing materials, metal, etc.

The final object we endeavor to pursue is to satisfy all the customers with the best quality and professional services. Hence, we will prioritize quality as our first focus in our operation.
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