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Have the soul of enterprises do the most understand you of water-based resin experts

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-14
Do enterprise is a not easy thing, and do the most rare is soul of enterprise. Enterprise is alive, water-based resin manufacturers in guangdong has a strong vitality enterprise generally has its own soul, the soul is the corporate culture. Modern enterprises are actively to build their own enterprise culture, hope that companies can become a good accomplishment and upbringing pian-pian gentleman. Enterprise culture is the soul of the enterprise, the formation of the soul is not happen overnight, it is in the process of long-term development of enterprises, in the true leaders with the whole team forging. An enterprise can have its own unique corporate culture is a strong vitality, we want to introduce today's enterprise is a powerful in its own soul and vitality of the waterborne resin experts & ndash; — Jun to chemical industry. Jun to chemical industry was founded in 1997, while for an enterprise in the age of 21 years old is very young, even as a child, so to speak. Is a child, on the one hand, because of jun to the growth rate is soon, from the beginning of the creation of a production base, has now developed in guangdong foshan, jiangmen, guangdong province, hangzhou, zhejiang, fujian quanzhou, chongqing, hebei xinji has established a production base. And in ganzhou city of jiangxi province in 2015, longnan county jun to chemical preparation ( Longnan) Co. , LTD. , as a main waterborne resin production base, covers an area of 80 mu, a total investment of 200 million yuan, annual output 200000 tons, visible jun can grow faster over the years can only be use children to describe quite apt. Jun to water-based resin experts can develop so fast, so strong vitality, on the one hand is jun can leadership vision, good leadership, on the other hand is because jun can in line with & other; Reputation, service, quality & throughout; Principle, to provide customers with the best quality products and professional technical services. And the most fundamental reason is jun to over the years always adhere to the enterprise culture & ndash; — “ The technology for this & throughout; 。 China's reform and opening up over the years, the most fundamental driving force of the development of the economy is the science and technology, deng xiaoping had claim & other; Science and technology is the first productive force & throughout; Has been proved in many areas, and more and more people realize this, more and more enterprises will be dogma. Jun can is just such a will & other; The technology for this & throughout; As one's own soul of enterprise, and obtained the amazing achievement. Jun can now has entered the development of the fast lane, in & other; The technology for this & throughout; Under the enterprise concept, from the chairman of the board of directors, under the ordinary staff are committed to technology innovation, idea innovation, team, walked out of a road of the development of the company has its own characteristics. Jun can now, in order to better development, not good employees regularly sent to external coating technology training, hope to be able to have changes and grasp the forefront of technology information, master first-hand technical data; In order to better promote the team combat effectiveness, jun can also hold a variety of promotional activities actively, let employees understand the importance of teamwork in play; In order to increase the cohesion of the team, jun to collective birthday party every year. 。 。 。 。 。 。 Which all are intended to increase his practice of enterprise culture power, promote the development of enterprises better. Jun can chemical co. , LTD. Is now a ship sailing ship, in the company's corporate culture & other The technology for this & throughout; Under the navigation, in & other; Reputation, service, quality & throughout; Principle course, toward & other; The most understand you water-based resin experts throughout the &; The goal, through wind, rapid move on!
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