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Hearing AIDS waterproof anti-corrosion nano coating solution

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-12
Hearing aid is a small speakers, the originally did not hear the voice of expanding, reuse of residual hearing, hearing loss can make the sound to the brain auditory center, and feel the sound. Hearing AIDS by the conduction modes are divided into air conduction hearing AIDS and bone conduction hearing AIDS; According to using the methods of classification for the cassette, glasses, hair clips, bte, ear, ear, deep ear hearing AIDS. Hearing AIDS and characteristics of different ways of using the characteristics of the cassette cassette hearing AIDS hearing AIDS, also called body type or pocket type hearing AIDS. Shape is a rectangle box, the size of a small radio hearing aid microphone, amplifier and battery assembly in which the outside by a long wire connection headphones and earbuds or special molds. Hearing AIDS using common transistor element, high background noise, and friction of hearing AIDS itself and wires and clothes, make sound easy distortion, lower sound quality. At the same time, headset wire is easy to damage, children's wear is not safe. Ear type characteristics of hearing aid ear type hearing AIDS, hearing aid is a kind of micro shape shell according to the patient ear sample customization. Amplifier, audio and all receivers in the shell in the custom, can put all into a cavity. External don't need wire or hose, the hidden and light. There are in power, the power, high-power ear hearing AIDS, due to the need according to your personal ear a cavity, so the price is higher. The characteristics of deep deep ear type hearing AIDS is the smallest ear hearing AIDS, and the concealment of hearing AIDS. Customized according to user's ear, sound amplification performance closer to normal. At the depths of the ear canal, almost look not to come out on appearance, greatly satisfy the requirements of the users for their own appearance image. Children's immature ear canal is not appropriate to wear. What is the distinguishing feature of bte hearing AIDS bte hearing aid is suitable for all kinds of people with hearing loss, is currently widely used type of hearing aid. The audio, amplifier, battery, volume and receiver are in a long hook small box, delicate appearance, relies on a bend in a semicircle of hard plastic ear hook after ear, shell skin or hair color can be used to conceal, enlarged the sound through the ear hook through a plastic tube was introduced into the sound hole molds. Divided into different types such as small power, the power, high power, large power, low noise, low distortion, wear is convenient. Defect is hearing aid will be affected with damp be affected with damp, due to user sweating accelerated aging of components. What are some of the characteristics of the ear canal type hearing AIDS ear hearing AIDS is suitable for the light, moderately severe deafness patients, personal special hearing AIDS are high precision. The hearing aid case specially designed and manufactured according to patients' ears form, wear very docile, closely, ensure the sound airtight and wear comfortable when using; Ear type hearing AIDS is smaller than the ear hearing aid volume, no external conductor, can maximum limit to imitate the transmission process of voice to the human ear. Because of ear hearing AIDS in the ear canal, wear concealed, not easily detect, satisfying the requirements of the user to wear hearing AIDS itself. Immature children's ear canal is not appropriate to wear; Ear deformities, stricture and ulcer patients should not be worn. Bone conduction hearing AIDS and hearing aid of difference between the normal state, we use at least two ways to listen to the voice: bone conduction mode and air conduction mode. So-called is sound vibration skull bone conduction way, not through the outer ear and middle ear transfer directly to the inner ear; And air conduction mode refers to the sound transmission through the outer ear, middle ear to ear. Of the two ways the latter accounts for absolute advantage. Generally speaking, as long as can gas conduction hearing AIDS should first choose air conduction hearing AIDS, external auditory canal malformation or external and middle ear infection after repeated purulence, unable to wear ear plugs, ear mold or ear type patients with hearing AIDS, and so on and so forth, can consider to use bone conduction hearing AIDS. Hearing AIDS is mainly composed of microphone, amplifier, headphones, power source and the volume control of five parts. Than headphones, mobile phones and other electronic products contact with human body for longer periods of time, in addition to sleep time almost all in use, a day to wear hearing AIDS, which the source of the humidity often can encounter? Believe in swimming, bathing, shampoo, wash your face, like everyone has noticed the condition of rain; Or fog in the morning dew, summer, or dry LiQiHuo caused by sweat, weeks without using the battery out at the end of the or to use inferior battery discharge may be some people don't pay attention to; When humidity is high in the air moisture intrusion more small-scale operations, there are other - — Spray splashed, laundry, kitchen water vapor, and so on.
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